Giants-Steelers’ Kudos and Weight Willis: ‘New Giants Look Like Old Giants’

Former RUTHERFORD, NJ – New head coach. New offensive and defensive coordinator. Roster choke full of new players. Nevertheless, they looked like the same old New York veteran.

There were some positive signs. A good night for Darrius Slayton with 102 receiving yards and two touchdowns. A sack for Leonard Williams, meaning he doubled his total to 0.5 in 2019. Some good moments from defense. A 19-play drive by the offense.

Still, the Pittsburgh Steelers were far more familiar with the Giants’ 26-16 loss.

The Giants’ offensive line was a disaster when it came to run-blocks. Saquon Barclay had 15 carries for 6 (yes, 6 !!!) yards. That’s an average of 0.4 yards per carry. Barclay had eight runs that went for a negative attack. He never had a chance.

Jones made two interceptions, both interceptions. It first looked like a terrible drama by TJ Watt. The second was unforgivable, and probably ended the Giants’ hopes of an upset.

Jones was rolling to his left on the 19th play of an 87-yard, 8:50 drive. There were two acceptable options under duress from Bud Dupree Jones. Throw the ball or eat it. Instead, he did:

We not only talked about Jones’ tendency to spend the entire offseason, but judged him under pressure. It was not a good decision.

“There’s something we can’t do,” coach Joe Judge said.

Jones said the blocking is “clearly a play I want to bring back.”

Here is another parable where you can clearly see that Jones had no chance of completing this pass where he threw it.

The Giants could not take advantage of a moldy Pittsburgh punt that gave them the ball at the Steelers’ 3-yard line, which settled for a field goal.

The Giants could not close the first half, giving up an eight-play, 78-yard drive at the end of the half that allowed the Steelers into the locker room with a 16–10 halftime lead.

The Giants cannot convert to third down (1 of 6) or stop Pittsburgh often on third down (9 out of 5).

The Giants cannot get any points from the 19-play drive.

Perhaps worst of all, the Giants looked like they have been very frequent in recent years. Players provided via a zoom call answered questions, saying they needed to watch the film. That they need to go back to work.

Here is Lorenzo Carter:

“I haven’t really had a chance to see the film, but I know we’ve got some fighters. I know we’re going to go there, we’re going to scratch and claw. Nobody gave up, here. Even at the end of the game when it was really a kind of over, we went out there and just kept fighting, and that’s what we’re going to do. Week in and week out, we’re going to keep fighting, we got this team I will meet the fighters. This is nothing new, it is nothing that I have not seen of everyone in the camp, and we will keep doing it and try to keep it better.

He said, “I have just seen progress and we have relied on the coaching staff. We put it to work. All officers, all camps, we are working. To come out there and just come less, it hurts, it hurts for sure, but we see the kind of people we have. We’ve got some tough people in this locker room, a group of leaders. We are ready to come back there, see the film tomorrow and get back to work. “

They are needed Obviously, a lot of work has to be done.

Kudos to …

Darius Slayton – Six catches on 10 targets, 10-2 yards, 2 touchdowns. Yes, this child is very good.

Blake Martinez – It is dangerous to rate a lineback based on tackles. Martinez had a mixed reputation as a member of the Green Bay Packers. Yes they did a lot of tackling. However, he did not make an impact. He did Monday. Martinez had 12 tackles, maybe or near the line of scrimmage.

Zebril Papers’ Punt Returns – Papers averaged 13 yards on three punt returns, including a 20-yard run that nearly broke for very large returns.

Leonard Williams – Complain about Williams is all you want, he was really good on Monday night. Williams had one sack, one loss, two quarterback hits, one pass defended and five tackles. He was the player with the most impact on the night. Lorenzo Carter was active early and Dexter Lawrence had a sack, but it was Williams who played like a real defensive line difference maker.

Wet willy…

Run-blocked – The Giants gained 29 yards on 20 carries, and 22 of them came on four scrambles by Jones. Barclay had that ridiculous stat line. Dion Lewis had a carry for 1 yard. According to Pro Football Focus, the Giants running back hit an average of 1.3 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Barclay lost the yardage on eight of his 15 carries.

The Steelers defense is good. but, That good? New starting centers blame Nick Gates. Blame Cameron Fleming. Blame the play-calling. Blame the epidemic. Blame whomever or whosoever. The legendary best player never got a chance.

Press Box PA System – You don’t care about this, but it makes an awkward kind of uncomfortable night even worse. I don’t know what was happening with the PA system, but I’m not sure we heard a sentence all night without cutting the system. Funny. And annoying.

Evan Engram – The Giants needed a big night from their tight end. They did not get one. Engram caught two passes for just 9 yards on seven targets. Engram dropped the first pass thrown to him and missed a 24-yard catch. He was called for offensive pass interference. Engram also did not appear well away from Scrimage’s line on a third and goal imperfection from Jones.

Cameron Fleming – Giants VJ vs. TJ Watt were never an advantageous matchup for the Giants. Watt, however, had his way with Fleming as he had an interception to deal with the loss, defending with two passes and two hits in the quarter. If Fleming kept on playing in such a way that veteran fans would like Nate Solder not to be out of the 2020 season.

To the Kwillies…

If you’re not familiar, a ‘Kwillie’ is a combination ‘Kudo’ and ‘Wet Willie’. These people did things that ended up helping veterans and harming them.

Daniel Jones – Jones did a lot of good things. He completed 26 of 41 passes for 279 yards. He threw a touchdown pass, including a 41-yard pass to Darrius Slayton. He made some plays with his feet. He threw that terrible contradiction though. Also, on a third-and-goal from the 3-yard line, Jones remembered that there should have been an easy flip for Evan Engram for a touchdown.

Jones’ two interceptions led to nine Pittsburgh points, and the second ended any hope of winning the game with much hope.