Giants should sit Eli Manning for poor play

It's time for the New York Giants to go in a new direction as a field marshal.

Eli manningThe person who calls the signal for 37 years and who started for Big Blue since he was a rookie in 2004, is no longer doing the job. After a 20-13 loss to the Washington Redskins on Sunday, Manning is now 1-7 as the team's starter this season and 4-19 since the start of the 2017 season. With a goodbye in Week 9, the Giants now they have more time to prepare for what they plan to do next in the position of quarterback.

When asked about a possible change after Sunday's loss, the head coach of the Giants Pat Shurmur He refused to show his hand.

"I do not want to go there" Shurmur said.

If the Giants do, in fact, start someone other than Manning as a quarterback when they return to action on the road against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 10, this season will reflect last season in an amazing way. The Giants played against the 49ers in San Francisco in the same week last season, and the former head coach Ben McAdoo He took the controversial decision to bank Eli.

If Shurmur makes the same decision as a field marshal, there will be a similar controversy. And to survive the firestorm that is looming, you must learn from the mistakes made by your predecessor.

McAdoo's biggest mistake (apart from his haircut) was his decision to start the New York Jets draft bust Geno Smith, in particular, about Manning. He could have given the then rookie. Davis Webb an opportunity to see what he could do. Instead, Webb rode the bank and was cut without having played a regular season for the team that recruited him in the third round.

Webb turned out to be a complete waste of a Day 2 draft pick, and now Shurmur can not afford to make a similar mistake. Like Smith, no Giants fan wants to see what a 30-year-old officer is. Alex Tanney (zero openings since 2012) is seen as the start. They want to see the rookie, and this year, the fourth round selection. Kyle Lauletta.

Lauletta will not lead a miraculous change nor will he establish himself immediately as the next New York franchise quarterback, but giving him the chance to start could change the way the Giants approach the next rest season. General manager Dave Gettleman has already promoted a rebuild with the exchange of two defensive starters for future selections; He and the rest of the personnel department in New York will want to know what they have in the most important position in the face of free agency and the draft.

Although Manning insists he will not give up his no-trade clause, it's very likely that he and the Giants will split up after this season. By cutting it, the team will save $ 17 million against the salary cap. Gettleman is already making moves to create space on the edge, and it's hard to see how an aging quarterback with deteriorating skills fits into his plan for the future.

Manning can continue to play well elsewhere, but it is increasingly clear that he is no longer able to win with the Giants. If you are a fan of Eli who is reluctant to accept this unfortunate reality, I encourage you to watch the following videos of Sunday's loss to the Redskins and reconsider your position.

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