Giants-Mariners postpone play due to Seattle’s air quality

Tuesday and Wednesday’s scheduled games in Seattle between the San Francisco Giants and the Seattle Mariners have been postponed due to air quality issues.

The game will now be played at the Giants Oracle Park in San Francisco on Wednesday and Thursday. Mariner will still be the home team for the Games.

Per, the air quality in Seattle as of 4pm on Tuesday evening was 241, which is considered “very unnatural”. The air quality in San Francisco was 68, which is considered moderate.

Kevin Mather, president and COO of the Mariners, said in a statement that “air quality in Seattle has deteriorated here overnight at T-Mobile Park and it is not clear at all today.”

Mather said, however, that the Mariners “look forward” to returning to Seattle on Friday for their weekend series against the San Diego Padres.

The question ahead is whether the West Coast fires will affect MLB by stretch, particularly the American League Division Series and Championship Series which is scheduled to be held in California. If no plan is set in stone, the Phoenix area has emerged as the primary backup option if MLB needs to relocate any of its PostScan games due to air-quality problems, sources said ESPN’s Jeff Passon told.

The Oakland Athletics and Meriners decided Tuesday night, a day after playing the role of doubleheader under a haze of smoke.


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