Giannis To Mavs ‘has a chance,’ predicts NBA analyst

Dallas – This is at least the Dallas Mavericks’ dream. And an NBA analyst suggests that Giannis Entetokunempo may join forces with Luca Donsik and Kristaps Porzingis by landing with Dianes Mavericks that may be more real than this.

“All (stars), I think he (would consider leaving a current team to come to Dallas),” NBA analyst Brian Scalabrine said on Tuesday with 105.3 on Fan’s “K.”AndC work. “” To leave a team, it’s a difficult task, especially if you’re a man like him. Just think of Dirk Nowitzki. He was Dallas all the way, (and) seems like Giannis is all the way (with Milwaukee).

“But,” Scalabrine continued. “I think you (Dallas) are just as good a chance as anyone else. … Los Angeles, Miami or any of the other favorite teams. I think Dallas Mavericks, you look at their hat situation , Along with a superstar (Luca Doncic) and (Kristaps Porzingis) … I’m telling you right now it’s not zero (chance). “

Conventional wisdom certainly places “The Greek Freak” in Milwaukee. But Skelebryn loses a picture “that (the Bucks) lost to Miami (in the NBA playoffs) … they give him a super-max (five-year maximum contract extension) … (and) he turns it down.” It opens up the possibility. I don’t think there’s no chance, I know many people would say that. I think there’s a chance that he (in Dallas) might end up. “

The Greek freak will be in charge of his future and he won’t really have to wait to leave after the 2021 season. It is worth noting that his family hits Donnie Nelson and Tony Ronzone unusually close to Dallas, one reason Nelson pinpointed (but did not get) Antetokonampo in the 2013 NBA Draft.

There is no doubt that a big 3 of Giannis, Luca and KP will make a “Dallas, Europe” super-team, the most tantalizing of the era.

Won’t we find out for a while, there is fun speculation aside, does Antekounmpo himself find it tantalizing.