Giannis Antetokounmpo Business: Bucks Star unfollows all peers on Instagram; Spark trade rumors

MVP Giannis Entetokenmpo, who unfollowed all his peers and Bucks on social media, has brought back business speculation.

It’s been about 4 days since the Miami Heat knocked out the Milwaukee Bucks and it seems that Giannis has had some time to think on things. After the loss and elimination of Game 5, Giannis Antetokonampo stated that the Bucks planned to establish a winning culture and that he was going nowhere.

While he may have said that no trade speculation was withdrawn by killing, what he did today surprises us all, still. Prior to this season Giannis answered the question about his future in Milwaukee by saying, “As long as we’re winning” and they clearly weren’t winning anymore.

Giannis is clearly the Bucks and his face and having some issues of the Bucks does not mean good news for the franchise.

What does it mean to unfollow Giannis Entetoconpo Bucks and his teammates?

Giannis unfollowed 9 people on his Instagram and he currently follows 6 people on his Twitter.

While all this may be a marketing strategy / reconstruction, the time is for everyone to question what is going on.

Giannis, one of 9 people still on Instagram, follows Brian Davison, his business lead and sports marketing manager Naik. This points at a potential marketing stunt with the brand for its Zoom Freak line.

However, Gian’s move will make the Bucks fans extremely concerned, as he promised the world that he would not move forward. The reigning MVP needs to be careful about what he says on the public stage, as things can easily come back to bite him.

What if all this is not a marketing move?

Even though it is more likely that this is a move by some marketing or giannis to clean up their feed, but on this closed chance, which does not mean?

Do Giannis want out of Milwaukee? If so, where can it go?

The top three contenders for Giannis are the Heat (we get the irony), the Raptors, or the Warriors.