Giancarlo Stanton will meet with team representatives


No one would deny that, to this point, the off-season has been a complete drag. For almost the entire month there were virtually no moves after Justin Upton came back up with the Angels immediately after the conclusion of the World Series. Now, with December in progress, things are finally starting to heat up. The movements are coming now, although nothing important has happened yet. That also comes, with Shohei Ohtani officially released on Friday. In addition, the seemingly endless saga of Giancarlo Stanton could end in the near future. At least, things are progressing in the right direction. On Friday, the slugger's representatives met with the Giants and the Cardinals.

First, on Thursday night it came out that the Most Valuable Player of the National League met with representatives of San Francisco . The Giants have reportedly been the most aggressive in these trade negotiations. They have shown their willingness to take on the entire mbadive contract and have sent difficult offers ready to make things work. The Cardinals have been equally aggressive, although at this time we do not know how much of the contract St. Louis would be willing to take on. However, we know that they had plans to meet with Stanton's representatives on Friday.

All this happens because the teams know that it is just as valuable, if not more, to make Stanton Feliz as it is to make Miami happy with the commercial offer. Stanton has a high-profile non-commercial clause and has not been afraid to use it, even under the ridiculous threat of his own group of current owners. According to reports, the slugger would ideally want to wear a Dodger uniform next year, but until now Los Angeles has not shown public interest. Stanton is entitled to expect the Dodgers to make a declaratory statement one way or another (publicly or privately), but it is smart to at least hear what San Francisco and St. Louis have to say. If he gives one or both his blessing, this whole story could end soon.

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