Giancarlo Stanton a Dodger? Unlikely and unnecessary – Orange County Register –

Giancarlo Stanton a Dodger? Unlikely and unnecessary – Orange County Register


Let's start by paying tribute to Giancarlo Stanton for doing what he usually does, by hitting a fast fastball over 400 feet.

All baseball teams would like this guy, including the Marlins, if he could pay him in live chickens or in an alternative form of currency.

Any basic decision to add Stanton requires the brain power of a resin bag, a hitter of his skill even in the Yankees of the 27, whose common right fielder was none other than Babe Ruth.

Who could not use 59 homers, 132 RBIs and a slugging percentage of .631? Who would not want the current National League MVP?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the acquisition of Stanton, who is 10 years old and $ 295 million remaining in a contract that could paralyze Vermont financially.

No, this decision requires a little mental power, which makes it the perfect subject to debate in this space.

Stanton is a local, a product of Notre Dame High in Sherman Oaks. Growing up as a Dodger fan, the overwhelming badumption is that he now wants to be a Dodgers player.

You have a full non-exchange clause, which gives you the last chance in any deal, Stanton's power is not limited to the batter's box. This has led to more speculation that he will simply force his way into the lineup of Dave Roberts.

On Thursday, he met with officials of the hated Giants, a fact that sparked cries of panic that the Dodgers absolutely have to swap for Stanton. , if for no other reason than to avoid going to San Francisco.

Oh, folks, this is not a claim of waiver in a situational lefty in mid-August to block the intentional movement of a rival.

It's committing a decade and enough money to annually fund a decent bullpen for a player who has appeared in more than 145 games just once, last season, since the beginning of 2012.

The Dodgers have been penalized for the luxury tax for five consecutive years. Thanks to a few contracts that expire, they lack a year to have greater financial flexibility, the exact kind of things coveted by the team's head office.

Under the regime of Andrew Friedman, the Dodgers have been tremendously reluctant to do a Full Art Moreno, to spectacularly waste – and unfortunately – on any player.

All of which suggests that Stanton's potentially debilitating contract does not fit the Dodgers' plans, no matter how perfectly his potentially stimulating bat can fit into his order. 19659002] On the other hand, you can choose to retire after another three seasons and $ 77 million, a decision that would cost you $ 218 million guaranteed, but a promise of which could attract the Dodgers.

Still, it's worth remembering that this is not the case. t LeBron James and this is not basketball, where a single player can redirect the balance of a full conference by changing teams.

The Marlins have had Stanton for eight years and, although it's not their fault, they never had as much as a winning season during that time. His presence alone does not ensure anything.

When Moreno and the Angels acquired Albert Pujols, Sports Illustrated marked the momentous occasion by placing the slugger on his cover with the headline "Power Shift, A New Road to the World Series."

Six seasons later, Pujols and the Angels continue to wander while their GPS remains in the perpetual "change of route" mode, the road to the last World Series goes north on Highway 5.

And no forget that little nugget. The Dodgers were just nine innings away from winning the World Series with a roster that gelled so well that, in the end, they should have been topped with badped cream.

Should Friedman and his team really get into it so dramatically with all that now?

While Stanton's trade sounds like the fantasy of every team, this is not fantasy baseball. Not only do you bademble all the best statistics builders and then do a lot of arithmetic after the last exit to see who won.

For a game that has remained remarkably simple for almost two centuries: hitting a ball thrown with a wooden stick: baseball is almost incomprehensibly difficult when it comes to establishing team chemistry and alignment.

Let's be honest, the whole process is a complete mystery. Here we are debating the merits of adding a $ 295 million hitter, trying to determine how much – if at all – such a move would improve the Dodgers.

Meanwhile, it can not be argued that the batting order of this team was decidedly more complete. Summer when $ 535,000 Chris Taylor moved to first place.

Ridiculous? Sure, but if baseball made sense, there would never be a day when Derek Jeter would lead the Marlins and Alex Rodriguez's girlfriend would be campaigning for Rodriguez to lead the Yankees.

And if trading for Giancarlo Stanton was that easy, there would be no excuse to miss the opportunity, especially for the Dodgers.

But this is a juicy fastball with a high belt that should be missed. There is a reason why players rarely sign up for 10 years or more. Unless Stanton is going to opt out, the Dodgers should not participate.

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