Get Two Nest Hubs for $ 140 to celebrate your brand change from Google Home Hub

Google just announced that its products for the home would be part of the Nest line, and the first to be renamed is the Home Hub, the smart screen powered by Assistant. Along with the name change, Google reduced its price to $ 129 instead of the original $ 149 MSRP, but you can get a much better offer by buying two simultaneously for only $ 140.

Although the product has changed its name, it is exactly the same center that came out last October. It still has a 7-inch touch screen, as well as a full-range speaker and a far-field microphone to hear from the other side of the room. In fact, Costco still refers to the product that uses its original name, which can get rid of the remaining units with the name of the form, although the change of brand does not change any of the functions.

Currently, only the chalk version appears in Cost, but the screen mainly covers the fabric, so color should not matter much in your decision. However, if you are interested in making video calls with your smart screen, keep in mind that Nest Hub has a camera, which means that others will not be able to see it.

The offer is valid until May 12 until end of stock, so I recommend getting yours quickly before they run out.

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