Get the Essential Phone + 360 camera add-on for only $ 399


Today is Cyber ​​Monday, which means that the latest incredible technology offers are available, and one of the most impressive offers you to buy the included Essential Phone with its 360-degree camera add-on at a low price.

You can get both for the ultra low price of $ 399, which could easily be the lowest we've seen so far. The package easily saves you about $ 221.98 since you would have to pay more than $ 620 to get the two separately.

The agreement will be closed in the early hours of November 28, so keep that in mind if you're really willing to buy that essential phone and the complementary 4K camera. In case you are not sure if you should get it or not, maybe our review of the device will clarify things. You can find more information on this subject here:

Get the essential phone and camera add-on on Amazon

Essential phone

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