Get ready for Supermoon Sunday –

Get ready for Supermoon Sunday


Hello, DMV, from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean aboard the Regent Seven Seas EXPLORER. It's been a typical transatlantic crossing in November – read: cloudy and stormy – but it seems to be fading just in time for Supermoon Sunday. I hope to photograph the cold super moon when it rises over the marine horizon. That should be something to see.

On Sunday at sunset, you will see a glorious cold full moon that rises in the east and may seem brighter and a little larger than other full moons in 2017. The moon will be in full phase (directly in front of the sun at 10:47 a.m. EST on Sunday and perigee (closest to the earth for the month) on December 4 at 3:42 a.m. EST – less than 24 hours apart, hence the supermoon.

is the only supermoon for 2017 and it is also the closest full moon of the year.

This time of year will also make this super moon brighter, as explained by NASA, "because the Earth will be closer to the sun (called perihelion) in early January, the sunlight that arrives and is reflected in the Luna at this time of the year is about 7% more intense (than in aphelion at the beginning of July), making winter supermodels even brighter. " supermoon cold will be 8 percent wider and 16 percent brighter than an average full moon age. Experienced observers of the moon may notice the difference in size, but the extra brightness is usually noticed by everyone.

Go out on a Saturday night and enjoy the cold supermoon almost full. If Sunday is a wash, do not worry. We will have two supermodels in January, the second will be a blue moon that will also suffer a total lunar eclipse that will only be a partial lunar eclipse before dawn for the DMV.

Oh, and when you look at the Moon, wink an eye at in memory of Neil Armstrong – the first human being to walk on the Moon.

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