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Get our mid-term confidence news news, says Apple – TechCrunch

Apple News has a new mission: to curate news and political analysis by paying a team of experienced human editors to evaluate the quality of journalism, instead of letting the uncontrolled algorithms go crazy and exaggerating anything, no matter how horrible, hateful or false.

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Apple says that human healing is not a new direction for Apple News, describing it as a "guiding principle" throughout the product since its launch three years ago.

Although it certainly was not screaming so loudly about that when the algorithmic transmissions were still high. But the company says that Apple News has always had a team of publishers, who say they are focused on "discovering and highlighting well-founded stories based on facts to provide readers with news and relevant and reliable information from a wide range of publishers." [19659002] These "experienced" editors are now also being put to work evaluating political reports and comments on the midterm exams of the United States. With only publishers who consider themselves to be "reliable" they become political sources of Apple News.

The release focuses on the US mid-term elections UU 2018, at least initially, they will have a dedicated section on the product, providing what Cupertino bills as "timely and reliable information about the midterm elections" along with "the most important reports and analyzes from a diverse set of editors" .

We asked the company if it plans to expand the focus of the election section of Apple News to other markets.

"Today more than ever people want information from reliable sources, especially when it comes to making voting decisions," said Lauren Kern, chief editor of Apple News, in a statement. "An election is not just a competition, it should raise conversations and ignite national discourse." By presenting quality news from reliable sources and curating a wide range of opinions, Apple News pretends to be a responsible administrator of those conversations and help readers to understand the candidates and the problems. "

Apple clearly wishes to avoid accusations of political bias, therefore, stresses that the section will include a "diverse range of opinions", whose content comes from sources such as Fox News, Vox, The Washington Post . , Politico and Axios, as well as other unnamed publishers.

Although there will also be portions of the political spectrum that condemn the political production of Apple News as biased against them, and therefore similar to political censorship.

To say, do not expect Breitbart to be a fanatic. But like any self-respecting journalist will tell you, you can not please all the people all the time. And not trying to do so is essentially a founding principle of the profession. That's also why algorithms stink are editors.

The launch of a dedicated section for an election event within Apple's news product is clearly a response to major failures where technology platforms have intersected with political events, at least where commercial models rely on large content fencing scale and thus favor algorithmic healing (with all the resulting clickbaity, traps that erode the democracy that flow from that).

Concerns about algorithmic impacts on democratic processes remain a concern for politicians and regulators in the United States. UU and beyond. And while it is fair to say that multiple technology platforms have a problem of false news and political polarization, Facebook has been carrying the biggest can here, considering the large number of Kremlin agents who owned their platform during the elections American presidential elections of 2016.

then, the company has announced a series of changes intended to combat this type of content, including systems to verify political advertisers; work with inspectors of external events; close scores of suspicious accounts around the elections; and de-emphasizing the news in general in their News Feed in favor of friend-based updates that are more difficult for malicious players in the game to scale.

But its central algorithmic approach to programming content hierarchies on its platform has not changed. [19659002] And while the amount of content moderation and security personnel is increasing in their books, saying that it will have 20,000 people working on that by the end of this year, that is still an evaluation of reactive content; which is the opposite pole of editorial selection and curatorship.

So Apple evidently sees an opportunity for its News product to intervene and fill the trust gap with reliable political information.

In addition to general news and comments from selected trusted publishers, Apple says it will also include "special features with stories curated by Apple News editors from trusted publishers," including "opinion columns" on hot topics that are intended to offer readers a full range of ideas and discussions on important topics, from news sources that may no longer follow "(so it also points to algorithmically generated filter bubbles); and an election board from the Washington Post that contextualizes "key data such as current surveys, what experts say, and survey data about voter enthusiasm."

Local news is another focus for the section, with a feature that aims to highlight " quality reports on issues that matter to local constituencies in major careers."

The Midterm Elections section 2018 is available to Apple News users in the US. UU From now until November.

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