Get Hulu for $ 2 a month as a college student

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If you were not already swimming in a streaming service subscription, Hulu is offering a Discounted $ 2 monthly plan for students. However, note that if you have been in college for a long time and have an .edu email address, it will not be enough to qualify as a “student” – Hulu is verifying that you Actually attending school.

New student plan

The ad-supported scheme provides two similar streams that allow you to view on-demand content, including basic programming The Handmaid’s Tale And Palm SpringsAlso content from ABC, NBC, Fox, Bravo, USA Network, FXX. And other channels. Normally the $ 4 per month you get with the plan is cheaper. Offer – currently There is no end date – which will undoubtedly attract more users on demand Can later Be more expensive Live tv service plan.

If you Present Subscriber while also enrolled in U.s Title IV accredited college or university, you are eligible to switch to the student plan – for that, Log into your Hulu account, then go here And click “Receive” to apply the student discount price to your existing ad-supported Hulu membership.

Hulu’s new plan included Watch party The feature, which allows customers to view and chat about content in groups of up to eight people. For more information on how this works and how to install it, Check this Lifehacker post.

You can’t fake being a student

this one Open secret That people use their .edu email account to qualify for student discount years after graduating from college, but Hulu is actually verifying your status. In partnership with party-poop verification service SHERID, you must provide the name of your college or university. Per Hulu:

Offer valid for new and existing Hulu-Bill customers enrolled in a US Title-accredited college or university meeting the verifications. Verification done through Sherid; Enrollment information (eg first name, last name, college / university name, date of birth) should be shared with Sheerid for verification purposes. Automatic re-verification is done every year.

If you lastOleg was during the Obama administration, it seems you are out of luck.


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