Get free PC games from Twitch


The five games are completely free for Amazon Prime subscribers, and these are just the March offers.


Amazon gives … and keeps giving thanks.

As of Thursday, Amazon Prime subscribers can rate free Twitch PC games, the service that allows players to record and share game videos.

The program is officially called Free Games with Premium, and it works as follows: every month you will have a window to claim a selection of free titles. Once you do that, they will be yours.

At this time, for example, and until March 31, you can get the following titles (shown with their current prices on Steam):

That's a combined value of more than $ 100, and there's five more titles in line for April (including Tales of the Borderland from Telltale Games).

How to get your games

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Enable your Twitch Prime membership before claiming your free games.


Assuming you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, it's very easy to start getting your gifts:

Step 1: You must first register to get a Twitch account.

Step 2: Enable your Twitch Prime membership (also free with Prime).

Step 3: Go to Twitch correctly and sign in to your newly created account (and recently enabled Prime).

Step 4: Click on the crown icon in the toolbar at the top of the page (near the right side).

Step 5: Scroll down the loot list and search for all offers of "Free games with Prime". If there is one you want, click on Claim Offer .

There is a final piece of the puzzle, and that is the Twitch desktop application, which is the client you will need to download and install your games. 19659005] And that's it! Happy Gaming

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