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Get a Nonda Aiko rechargeable tracker for $ 16.99

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If it's not very clear now, I do not know everything about everything. Yesterday, for example, I shared a deal on a portable gaming console that can contain games without a license. (I'm still researching that.) Also, I found similar (or better) products on Amazon for almost the same price, and without the expected shipping of 2-4 weeks.

Meanwhile, last month I shared a deal in a pack of 4 Tile Mate followers, not knowing that the product has a pretty important failure: it can not recharge or replace the battery, so you literally have to buy a new one every year more or less. Bleh!

Mea culpa. Sometimes, in my enthusiasm to share something new and different, I hasten to publish the deal and ignore certain warnings. Although I always do my best to give all the relevant details, occasionally I will miss something. Fortunately, I have many knowledgeable readers, so you should always check the comments to see if they know something I do not know.

Lost and Found

The Nonda Aiko Seeker (right) is very close to the Tile Mate size (front), but it has one big advantage: it's rechargeable.

Photo by Rick Broida / CNET

Speaking of the followers of Tile, the aforementioned battery is a kind of broken agreement, at least for me. Surely the company could make the device rechargeable, as evidenced by today's agreement.

Actually, it's a daily deal: Amazon sells Nonda Aiko Finder for $ 16.99, shipped free with Prime. Price when purchased in Nonda itself: $ 18.99. (You can also get two for $ 28.88.)

The gizmo is virtually identical to the Tile Mate, albeit a taller one. (Think: cracker Triscuit slightly elongated). But it has a key advantage: it's rechargeable. Nonda estimates that it can last about a month with a charge.

That means more work on your part than the mosaic of use for a full year, but it also means that you will not have to replace it in a year. You could simply set a calendar reminder for, say, the first Sunday of each month, and hopefully you will not have trouble loading the Aiko.

Functionally it is quite similar too: an application allows you to locate the tracker, which reproduces an appreciably high sound. That makes it a good companion for your key chain, purse or any other item that gets lost frequently.

Reverse action: press the tracker button twice to have the phone beep (again, loudly), even if it is silent. [19659003] The capture, of course, is that the two elements must be in the Bluetooth range of each other. And it must allow the tracker to have full-time Bluetooth access, which will undoubtedly cause an impact on battery life. (How much success, I'm not sure.)

Does it work?

The Aiko got an average of 4.3 stars from more than 50 Amazon buyers, but those who reviewed the Android application had less good things to say. My advice, as with each and every one of the elements that I share here: do your homework, know the return options if the product does not work well, etc.

After about 24 hours testing the Aiko with an iPhone, simply say "recommended with reservations". The application is not super intuitive, and the option to find my phone will not work unless I set the location service settings to "Always." (However, I'm sure the same is true for the Mosaic). A limitation compared to the Mosaic: you do not get the same option for the help of multiple sources if your tracker disappears.

In general, I think these gadgets can be super useful, but there are always some warnings: range, battery life, consistency, etc. If you used this or any other, share your ideas about it in the comments.

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