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Get a Motorola Moto X4 for $ 279.99

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With features such as a dual-lens rear camera and built-in Alexa, the Moto X4 is a pretty incredible deal at $ 280.

Juan Garzón / CNET

I think it's completely ridiculous to pay $ 1,000 for a phone, not when you can pay a fraction of the price for one that is almost as good.

Namely: for a limited time, Amazon once again offers the Motorola Moto X4 with special offers for $ 279.99. Reg. Price: $ 329.99 (or $ 349 if purchased directly from Motorola).

Let me take the negatives out of the way right in front. The X4 is not compatible with wireless charging, and Special Offers add an annoying amount of clutter to the lock screen.

That's more or less (in my humble opinion). And guess what? For only $ 10 you can add wireless charging capabilities (more on that in a future article), and for $ 15 you can remove the ads (while still going ahead in the price).

Now then: [19659010] The X4 is unlocked and works with any operator . It is not limited to GSM or CDMA networks, it is compatible with both.

  • It has a USB-C port instead of micro-USB. The latter deserves a special place in hell, the first is the future.
  • It has a headphone jack.
  • It has a two-lens rear camera that does a solid job creating bokeh effects.
  • It has an expansion slot to add tons of cheaper storage.
  • It's water resistant and comes with Alexa handsfree.
  • I mean, what else do we need? According to the review of CNET's Motorola Moto X4, the phone's camera can be charged slowly and has some problems with wide-angle images. My opinion: BFD.

    After having spent some time with the X4, I thought it was an excellent phone in general; Lockscreen ads are my only real complaint. I am quite surprised by the average user rating of 3.6 stars. Some of the negative reviews are somewhat ridiculous, like the one complaining about the available storage space (welcome to all the computing devices in the story) and the presence of ads (that's what "special offers" means, outbreak) .

    said, I'm approaching this from the perspective of someone who wants the latest from Apple but simply can not pay and will not pay as much. It's ridiculous. The X4 is one of the many so-called mid-range phones that offer incredible capabilities at an incredible price. Are there other models in this category that could be better? Very possibly

    Is this a big business with the additional $ 50 discount? Very true.

    Your thoughts?


    Does it look familiar? No, this is not the DJI Mavic Pro. He's an unapologetic imitator with a considerably lower price.


    Bonus Agreement: If you're stuck in this seemingly inexhaustible deadly grip of winter right now, flying a drone is probably the last thing you think about. But better climate will arrive so why not take advantage of a drone agreement while you can?

    Have you heard about the DJI Mavic Pro, the $ 1,000 quadcopter that everyone wants but few can afford? Guess what? There is a clone For a limited time, Rcmoment.com has the Obtain F803 for $ 347.99. That is after applying the promotion code RCF803 in the payment process. (Make sure you have selected the white or black model, the other costs even less, but lacks the remote control, which I consider essential)

    The Obtain F803 looks and feels very similar to the Mavic Pro: metal chassis, folding arms , intelligent flight modes, more than 20 minutes of flight time. Does it fly the same? I do not know that yet. It's too cold and too windy to try it. I can say that its built-in camera has a maximum of 1080p instead of 4K, and both the remote control and the application are different. A great feature that is missing: Obstacle of evasion.

    But for about one third of the price? Definitely worth looking at. And I hope to report again with some flight tests after Michigan defrosts.


    Brother, can you save a Dell-branded printer?


    Bonus offer # 2: Somehow I would like my faithful brother HL-2170w to die so he can replace it with something a bit more wireless, but the damn thing just keeps crawling.

    If you were looking for a replacement, however, it would be this: for a limited time, and although supplies are extremely limited, Staples has the Dell E310dw monochrome laser printer for $ 49.99 (plus tax).

    Looking for a horrible like similar Brother models, cough-tos, the E310dw is notable for its automatic duplexer, AirPrint / Google Cloud Print support and 250-sheet input tray. Also, you can have a cheap toner replacement ($ 20 or less, as long as you do not mind third-party cartridges).

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