Get a free Pixel 5 from Verizon

Hey, want an independent Pixel 5 to go with the Pixel 5 you were planning to buy from Verizon before? Then we have BOGO deal for you! Well, Verizon does … we don’t …Tax Deals, we share them.

In one purchase, get a free offer, Verizon will give you a second Pixel 5 as long as you meet several requirements.

You first need to buy a Pixel 5 on a 24-month contract and lock yourself in more than one, Beyond, Do More, Play More, or More Unlimited plans. If you can meet him, then you will add a new line to get another Pixel 5 for free, Too Buy it on a 24-month contract, and use it on one of the same plans that I have just listed.

Of course, because this is a Verizon contract, they will give you the value of a “free” phone every month via bill credit that applies in 24 months. If you were trying to leave or cancel Verizon or do something else, I think they would charge you for whatever is left on each phone. Here is a classic related post to find out how we really feel about these types of deals.

However, we are big fans of Pixel 5, so don’t take it as me pushing away from taking advantage of this deal. If you plan to stay with Verizon for a while, this amounts to a free phone.

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