Free is always Well, especially when it offsets the blues on Monday morning just a little bit.

Dunkin & Donuts provides that free material on Monday, offering a small free iced coffee to their Florida customers as part of the "Thanksgiving" promotion.

The special promotion of customer appreciation is a festive gesture of the company with the hurricane season coming to an end. Dunkin said in a press release that it is a way to show appreciation in response to the support of Florida communities throughout the very active 2017 hurricane season.

"Several cities throughout Florida experienced difficulties due to the devastation caused during the hurricane season, "said Field Marketing Manager Dunkin & Brands Celia Cody. "With many of the Dunkin & Donuts restaurants located in areas that experienced power outages, flooding and damage, it was a top priority for each location to work quickly to clean and reopen their doors." We are very grateful to the residents of Florida for their understanding as we worked to make our locations work again after the hurricane season, and we are pleased that we can show our appreciation by offering a free drink. "

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