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Venezuela acts against insurgents | TIME ONLINE

Venezuelan authorities have cracked down on a group of insurgents. According to state television, several people have been killed, including two policemen. In addition, several people have been arrested.

The operation was therefore directed against the group around the pilot Oscar Pérez. The government of President Nicolás Maduro has been searching for months for Pérez, whom they refer to as "fanatical, extremist terrorists". He describes himself as a pilot and employee of the police. Among other things, he is said to be responsible for a helicopter attack on the Supreme Court in June 2017, in which several hand grenades were fired at the building.

Fate of Oscar Pérez still unclear

Maduro had subsequently spoken of a coup attempt and a terrorist attack. Critics Maduros had stated, the
Helicopter attacks may be of the
Leadership of the country has been staged to a harsher approach
against the opposition.

Whether Pérez was killed or arrested on access by the Venezuelan authorities was unclear. Several Instagram videos showed him with bloodied face. He said he was surrounded by security forces who aimed at him with grenades and wanted to kill him.

Nearly 10,000 protests in Venezuela in 2017

Venezuela is in a serious economic, political and humanitarian crisis. Maduro and the ruling socialists are cracking down on their critics
in front. Maduro had among other things deposed the parliament, in which the
Opposition had a majority. The opposition politicians throw Maduro
to want to convert Venezuela to dictatorship.

Driven by dramatic supply shortages and repressions, there were 9,787 demonstrations and other types of protests last year, such as the organization specialized in conflict studies "Observatorio
Venezolano de Conflictividad Social "(OVCS) in Caracas
which is likely to be a world leader, with protests recurring in the spring and summer of 2017
where 125 people were killed and more than 200 arrested
are. At Christmas, 36 of them were released.

The OVCS is close to the opposition, official figures are not available. The figure is equivalent to 27 demonstrations a day and fits into a whole series of superlatives that characterize this crisis. Although there are the largest oil reserves in the world, but also the highest inflation, so the monthly wage is worth only a few euros and the country has mbadive problems to buy enough food abroad. In addition, Caracas is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Domestically there is a dramatic economic slump, according to an economic commission of the disempowered parliament, the devaluation of 2017 was over 2,600 percent. Maduro blames an "economic war" abroad and lower oil prices for the misery. He wants to free the country from the clutches of hyperinflation with a cryptocurrency, the Petro. The Petro should be protected with oil reserves and thus be tried to be able to pay better for food imports. But experts see the project skeptical because what if no one accepts the Petro?

The military is still at Maduro

Maduro can rely on the support of the military, hundreds of thousands have fled. Most supermarket shelves are empty, hunger and child mortality are increasing rapidly.

In the New Year, the OVCS counted 386 demonstrations, 107 plundering and plunder attempts that killed at least five people. Maduro's government then pledged to boost the economy through increased oil production and exports; but he called the crisis "invention".

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