The secrets of finding a healthy heart were found in the bowel

Does superstition affect the heart's health?

Over time, as people get older, their natural dishes can stiffen. This adds to the risk of heart disease. Researchers were now trying to find out why the drop in blood vessels is taking place. They found negative effects on fluvial health at changes in microbes when they grow older.

A recent study by the University of Colorado Boulder has found that bad health can affect the health of our vessels when we are older. The results of the research are published in the English journal "Journal of Physiology".

Heart pain and aching distress are normal symptoms of a heart disease. Can the chaolan affect how healthy our heart is? (Image copyright: Robert Kneschke /

Mice were treated by antibiotics

This is the first study to show that changes in a microbiot may affect the health of a cow in old age. This is opening a new way to prevent heart diseases. In the survey, the research team carried out far-reaching antibiotics to young and old mice to kill most bacteria living in their cats. Later, the health of her vascular endothelium (inside of her blood vessels) and hardness of her large art was measured. In addition, blood levels of repeated bones were measured, as if the damage caused by harmful tissues, antioxidants and nitric oxide were all feeds.

Resistance to the restored health of the microbiome

After three to four weeks of treatment, changes in fever health were not observed in young mouse. In older pupils, however, strong progress was identified at the above points. When the miniature of the old mice was overwhelmed, the health of the animals was restored. This shows that these microorganisms do something that causes pulse fever. To find a reason, the sampling researchers took a stool from another group of mice, meaningfully ordered, comparing the sounds of some of the old mice and younger animals.

What might be done?

In olden mice, a greater awareness of rare and previously attached microbes was seen. In the old mice, there were far more proteobacteria, including salmonella and other pathogenan, as well as proinflammatory desulfovibrio. Moreover, levels of metabolites in old mice and young mice were weighed. Three old mouse plants gave the TMAO (trimethylamine oxygen) to their body, meatabolite, which was associated with an increased risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke. The authors explain a news release.

Does our microbiota make poisonous substances in old age?

It has long been known that oxygen pressure and inflammation caused illnesses to get sick over time. It was not yet known why there is pressure or annealing in their veins. It is thought that the cuckoo microbiot begins to make poisonous molecules (including TMAO) as they are age, which enter the blood, causing the inflammation and body deficiency, and its presence. damage the material.

A dimethylbutanol uses silt to make TMAO

However, antibiotics should not be considered a type of youth source for the health of the cardiovascular system. It was only used as an experiment test in the inspection. There are too many side effects and other problems when antibiotics are used on a wide scale. A diet full of probiotic food (such as iogurt, kefir, kimchi) and prebiotic fiber can all play a vital role in preventing heart disease by encouraging a healthy taste of vitamin. Researchers have also worked on a companion called dimethylb Beaton which can be found in some ornamental oils, vinegar and red wine which hinder the bacterial enzyme that TMAO needs to make. Ultimately, dimethylbutanes can develop to a nutritional development. (Mar)

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