Skoda Scala 2019: Czech XXL Polo plays golf

Skoda created the new Scala on the VW Polo platform larger than the Golf. He does something visual and has space. But how does it fight? Auto Motor und Sport give the answer.

In the shop we would already have been looking at the agent for the luxurious Skoda Rapid. His first idea was quite positive. Now, in April 2019, we can also drive Skoda Scala.

Even at the first, the compact car with its large glass, the big curve, the clean lines and the back with an expanded view of dark disc – not appearing as a chubby. In fact, his planning language is reflected in each module from the future. For Skoda customers, the new dynamic look is like a change like that already and it may even be affecting Seat's sister sister.

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Skoda Scala

Picture: Skoda

467 liters give a short summary of the crop when the back seat is reversed.

The Scala is an add-on to the most common benefits. That means: it offers lots of space and nice features. It can damage golf developers, but the Scala, which is based on the VW Polo platform, can be at 4.36 meters full ten inches longer than the Wolfsburg and comes with a large stock. Although it leaves golf at 380 liters of freight, the Skoda regularly spans 467 liters. Even the residents have no space. Instead, it travels so openly in the background as in Octavia. Suddenly, the seats covered with leather and microfibre are as comfortable as they are out and about. In fact they are not a series, and the roof doesn't have a panoramic view.

Those who can afford to sell money in virtual coffee, online entertainment and voice and movement control can also be a huge advantage. But be careful: the few systems, the heavier thing. In total, free of charge and easy to manage, however, the latest Simply Clever view is: a funnel that flashes out in the glass-glass tank's cover.

Skoda Scala

The Skoda A new Scala in the driving report
1:56 mini.

The Scala already has 115p enough

Also there are few news items from the engine device. Driving motors will carry the dedicated 1.0 TSI and 1.5 TSI petrol engine and the 1.6-liter diesel with 115 hp. At the end of the year, a 90-year preference is followed. Scala is still the tug. Even a diesel does not draw more than about 1.3 tonnes. So, even in the 1.0 TSI with 115 hp (from € 21,450) even away from the town very quickly on the road and with thanks to the little trouble, but a three-cylinder revival and the full gearbox. It's enough to have a good enough distance. It is still pushing even even from higher distances. Now that Skoda had stopped taking the barrier for comfort, and the instructions are fine, if he doesn't work directly. So, the Czech rushes leave through change legs below late, they stay silent while on the railway in the strait and they keep its people from tired waste.

Likewise, the 1.6 TDIs are directed. But he cannot always encourage himself. 250 Nm of torches should be available from 1500 times. However, in the move, the diesel appliance only comes on more than 2000 tours and soon after, the spurt is deleted again. He could also give the fire he was meeting.

150 hp almost do RS Scala

Skoda Scala

Picture: Skoda

The Skoda Scala is 4.36 meters.

Indeed, the Scala is a great progression with the 150 pcs of cylinder and seven-speed (from 25,200 euros). The standard target will be up to 100 km / h made by the 1.5 TSI according to the factory specification at just 8.2 seconds. We like to believe that. The similar gears are running well, the engine is also very strong from low flights, but it is always quiet and very polite. Generally speaking, the Czech is a quiet and quiet companion and is processed to a great extent quickly.

By supporting those who intend to resist the more rapidly, Skoda will build for 390 euros and two (Normal / Sport) double-fence with adaptable driving methods. Along with 18-inch wheels, Skoda was passing through because there were slightly more streets in tiredness. Minimum 15 kilometers below the production model, but it goes a little faster round the corner.

Skoda Scala: Czech XXL Polo plays golf


Skoda gets out of the VW Polo platform, what's going on. And that's good: The Scala is looking visually, it can be equipped with the extra relevant things about driving information and safety, packing away something and also driving appropriately. Delighted: It is still expensive on the ground. It is not as cheap and as big as the one before.

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