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SHARE IN FOCUS: Aurubis after the low profit warning since the summer of 2016 page 1

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FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – A profit warning from Aurubis has injected shares of the Hamburg copper merger in Monday's high losses. They plummeted to 45.46 euros, the lowest since summer.
2016 and left the bargain in the friendly MDax with 45.82 euros and less than 13.19 percent of the trade. After its historic peak at the end of January this year.
Year, the development of the price of the action was sobering. Since then, the least amounts to more than 47 percent.

According to Aurubis, the operating result before taxes will probably decrease moderately in the last fiscal year. Aurubis describes a decrease from 5.1 to 15 percent as "moderate". With that
According to the group, the market expectations of currently 330 million euros for 2018/19 (at the end of September) were not met. As a reason for the weaker development called Aurubis "different unplanned
Paros "in the locations of Hamburg, Lünen and Pirdop, which also loaded the first quarter of the financial year, which is already weaker in the season.

Three strikes in just one room surprised him a bit, wrote Baader Bank analyst Christian Obst, in a first reaction. In addition, lower refining and refining costs could be added.
and the risk of falling sulfuric acid prices. It may take some time for the stock price to stabilize again.

While Fruit remained on its "wait" vote, analyst Dirk Schlamp of DZ Bank changed its position from "buy" to "wait." The profit warning was a "negative surprise," the expert wrote.

Also for the Goldman Sachs analyst, Eugene King, the smelting and refining charges are a problem. With 2019 between the Chinese copper manufacturer Jiangxi Copper and the mining company
Aurubis did not expect the Antofagasta agreement to reduce smelting and refining costs, so it is likely to increase the downward pressure / Ajx / she


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