Michael Schumacher: Close Assistant: "Hope is always there"

Jean Todt, a long-term contributor of Michael Schumacher, gives a life-visual insight into the seven World Cup Formula 1 Championships.

For years they were heart and soul at the side. Michael Schumacher (50) and Jean Todt (72) connect to adrenaline and horseback cars. After the tough accident of the Kerpeners no change was made at the close link between the two men. In contrast.

With the words of Jean Todt's words describing the devolution of his friend's life, you can see in the # 39; video above.

Michael Schumacher's son, David, is clear that he has inherited the Schumacher genera. See for yourself:

Jean Todt is one of Schumacher's closest business

In an interview with the French sports magazine L 'Equipe, Jean Todt said: "I have a very close relationship with Michael and his family, and maybe even closer than that of the disaster."

The FIA ​​manager is one of the smallest who can enter the Schumacher mansion at Lake Geneva. "His family and his doctors care for him," said the experts.

Why is the manager Sabine Kehm talking about "a difficult time", we tell you here:

It promotes Schumi fans around the world

Jean Todt believes that his friend's health can be changed. "The hope is always there to improve issues," he said.

When he visits Lake Geneva, he sometimes raises a & # 39; watching a car race with Michael Schumacher. "The Grand Prix of Brazil […] For example, I looked at Michael's home in Switzerland. Relationship and trust of the whole family have a relationship, "a FIA headteacher appeared shortly before Christmas.

It's a bit aware! Mick Schumacher's writings about his father:


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