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Lotto and Glücksspirale Saturday 10.03.2018: All numbers of the 10th draw


 Lotto and Glücksspirale Saturday 10.03.2018: All numbers of the 10th Draw "title =" Lotto and Glücksspirale Saturday 10.03.2018: All numbers of the 10th Draw "/></figure><p> Current lottery numbers in the lottery 6 out of 49 and the Today, a total of 12 million euros in two jackpots: For the right crosses waving today in the first prize in the game 6 out of 49 about 7 million euros .. Seven correct final digits can in the Additional lottery game 77 will bring up to 5 million euros.</p><p> Read the current winning numbers 6 out of 49, lucky spiral and the additional lotteries at Lotto News.If you recognize the winning numbers you typed here – then you had at the second Saturday draw in the March 2018 outrageous lottery luck.</p><h2> Winning numbers, Saturday, March 10, 2018</h2><p> These are the winning numbers of the 10th Saturday event of the year of various draws:</p><script async src=

Lott o 6aus49 and additional lotteries

Lotto numbers 6aus49: 8-19-34-35-40-49
Super number: 8
Game 77: 3-2-3-0- 2-1-0
Super 6: 7-5-0-9-1-0

All information without guarantee, source: DLTB. The 6 of 49 lotto numbers that rolled out of the drawing machine in the evening in the Saarbrücken lottery studio have never been drawn before in this combination.


In the winning numbers draw of the GlücksPirale on 10.03.2018, the following became Winning numbers determined:

  • Winning Class 1: 10 Euro / Winning Number 0
  • Winning Class 2: 25 Euro / Winning Number 98
  • Winning Class 3: 100 Euro / Winning Number 184
  • Winning Class 4: 1,000 Euro / Winning Number 0835
  • Winning Class 5: 10,000 Euro / Winning Number 58356
  • Winning Class 6: 100,000 Euro
    • Winning Number 404643
    • Winning Number 871137
  • Winning Class 7: 10,000 Euro monthly for 20 years

Winning Chance

The following winning numbers were drawn in the winning number draw of the GlücksPirale additional lottery "Die Sieger-Chance":

  • Gewinnklasse 1: 10.000 Euro
    • Gewinnzahl 66810
    • Gewinnzahl 50950
  • Class 2: 5,000 Euro per month for 10 years
  • Class 3: 1,000,000 Euro
    • Won Number 1034129
    • Won Number 2570464
    • Won Number 7673429

All information is provided without guarantee, source: Lotto Bayern.

Lotto 6 out of 49

Lotto 6aus49 is a classic gambling game. The six winning numbers and the super number (between 0 and 9) will be determined on Wednesday and Saturday in a live draw on the Internet. There are a total of 9 profit classes. If at least two of the typed numbers and the super number match the winning numbers, you have already won 5 euros in the winning class IX. Since 03.07.2013 there is a public live-drawing of the lottery numbers under www.lotto.de about Globe tv from a studio in Saarbrücken.

The announcement of the winning numbers of Lotto 6aus49 and the additional lotteries Spiel77 and Super 6 as well as the GlücksSpirale Since then it has been broadcasting on ZDF (Wednesday around 6:54 pm) and ARD (Saturday around 7:57 pm). The chance to win the jackpot at the Lotto 6aus 49 (Gewinnklasse 1) is around 1: 140 million. The chance for the lowest winning class (grade 9) is 1:76. The highest jackpot so far amounts to 45.4 million euros, the highest single profit to date 37.7 million euros.

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