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Lotto and Glücksspirale Saturday 10.03.2018: All numbers of the 10th draw

 Lotto and Glücksspirale Saturday 10.03.2018: All numbers of the 10th Draw "title =" Lotto and Glücksspirale Saturday 10.03.2018: All numbers of the 10th Draw "/></figure><p> Current lottery numbers in the lottery 6 out of 49 and the Today, a total of 12 million euros in two jackpots: For the right crosses waving today in the first prize in the game 6 out of 49 about 7 million euros .. Seven correct final digits can in the Additional lottery game 77 will bring up to 5 million euros.</p><p> Read the current winning numbers 6 out of 49, lucky spiral and the additional lotteries at Lotto News.If you recognize the winning numbers you typed here – then you had at the second Saturday draw in the March 2018 outrageous lottery luck.</p><h2> Winning numbers, Saturday, March 10, 2018</h2><p> These are the winning numbers of the 10th Saturday event of the year of various draws:</p><h3> Lott o 6aus49 and additional lotteries</h3><table><tbody><tr><td> Lotto numbers 6aus49:</td><td><b> 8-19-34-35-40-49 </b></td></tr><tr><td> Super number:</td><td><b> 8 </b></td></tr><tr><td> Game 77:</td><td><b> 3-2-3-0- 2-1-0 </b></td></tr><tr><td> Super 6:</td><td><b> 7-5-0-9-1-0 </b></td></tr></tbody></table><p> All information without guarantee, source: DLTB. The 6 of 49 lotto numbers that rolled out of the drawing machine in the evening in the Saarbrücken lottery studio have never been drawn before in this combination.</p><h3> Glücksspirale-Zahlen</h3><p> In the winning numbers draw of the GlücksPirale on 10.03.2018, the following became Winning numbers determined:</p><ul><li> Winning Class 1: 10 Euro / Winning Number 0</li><li> Winning Class 2: 25 Euro / Winning Number 98</li><li> Winning Class 3: 100 Euro / Winning Number 184</li><li> Winning Class 4: 1,000 Euro / Winning Number 0835</li><li> Winning Class 5: 10,000 Euro / Winning Number 58356</li><li> Winning Class 6: 100,000 Euro<ul><li> Winning Number 404643</li><li> Winning Number 871137</li></ul></li><li> Winning Class 7: 10,000 Euro monthly for 20 years</li></ul><h3> Winning Chance</h3><p> The following winning numbers were drawn in the winning number draw of the GlücksPirale additional lottery "Die Sieger-Chance":</p><ul><li> Gewinnklasse 1: 10.000 Euro<ul><li> Gewinnzahl 66810</li><li> Gewinnzahl 50950</li></ul></li><li> Class 2: 5,000 Euro per month for 10 years</li><li> Class 3: 1,000,000 Euro<ul><li> Won Number 1034129</li><li> Won Number 2570464</li><li> Won Number 7673429</li></ul></li></ul><p> All information is provided without guarantee, source: Lotto Bayern.</p><h3> Lotto 6 out of 49</h3><p> Lotto 6aus49 is a classic gambling game. The six winning numbers and the super number (between 0 and 9) will be determined on Wednesday and Saturday in a live draw on the Internet. There are a total of 9 profit classes. If at least two of the typed numbers and the super number match the winning numbers, you have already won 5 euros in the winning class IX. Since 03.07.2013 there is a public live-drawing of the lottery numbers under www.lotto.de about Globe tv from a studio in Saarbrücken.</p><p> The announcement of the winning numbers of Lotto 6aus49 and the additional lotteries Spiel77 and Super 6 as well as the GlücksSpirale Since then it has been broadcasting on ZDF (Wednesday around 6:54 pm) and ARD (Saturday around 7:57 pm). The chance to win the jackpot at the Lotto 6aus 49 (Gewinnklasse 1) is around 1: 140 million. The chance for the lowest winning class (grade 9) is 1:76. The highest jackpot so far amounts to 45.4 million euros, the highest single profit to date 37.7 million euros.</p></p></div> </pre> <script async src=
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