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"Lidl has stolen my invention," says one businessman; Now he sued the discount seller.

  Lidl has new offers in the program. This time they are a little strange. It is said that Lidl stole an idea, an inventor accuses the discount store. Shutterstock

The " Veggie Drink Maker" by Lidl now brings the powerful discount store Upset: from a Spanish inventor and entrepreneur, it is assumed that Lidl is responsible for being in the cows for months, Andoni Monforte told the "Taz" that he invented the "ChufaMix Veggie Drinks Maker" in 2012. It consists of a cup, a filter, a mortar and a lid so that all the vegetables can be transformed into vegan milk, writes the newspaper, an invention that Lidl probably liked a lot. "Lidl stole it from me," Monforte accuses the discount seller He is now suing.

The instructions for use of the two devices are almost identical, but there is a serious difference: the price, the ChufaMix costs around 40 E uro, while the discount store sells its product depending on the branch from five to ten euros

Lidl has his "Veggie Drink Maker" produced in China

For him, it is not possible to produce so cheap, says Monforte. It produces in Spain and France and must also include development costs in the price. The Lidl device, on the other hand, comes with cheap materials from China. For ChufaMix, Monforte already has a patent in China, Spain, Turkey and Mexico. It is also registered in the European Patent Office of Munich according to "taz".

General importers alerted him about the plagiarism, he tells the newspaper. They would complain that Monforte supplied the discount at such low prices. His mother initially wanted to congratulate him on the "new client" Lidl. "We were an object of worship in the vegan scene, since Lidl sold the plagiarism, we are considered completely expensive," says the businessman. Its sales were reduced by approximately one third in the first quarter of this year

A court in Valenica must now decide whether or not there has been a patent infringement. Monforte has filed a lawsuit against Lidl Spain, Lidl Netherlands and Lidl Germany.


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