Left: Wagenknecht is retiring from ill health – earthquake in Left Party

A leader on the right of the Left, Sahra Wagenknecht, had just come away from rising. Now there is another clearance.

Wagenknecht (left) pulls sick: Killing Insider reports in the left party

Update from 13 March: The MP Left Thomas Lutze has been leadership of the party's leader, who is addressing the issue that is being praised. "For a party on the left side, Sahra Wagenknecht seemed a pleasant sight," said Lutze to the German news agency. The leaders of the parties did not take over them. Wagenknecht had announced that he would not stand again for the fall of his president. The 49-year-old gave health, concern and excessive requirements.

Hybrid fighting on the left is a danger. One told the newspaper Bild: "Nobody can feel overweight. The bully isn't bullying against Wagenknecht and Dagdelen going on between the cow." The object is always Bernd Riexinger, Katja Kipping, Caren Lay, Anke Domscheit-Berg, Sabine Leidig, Cornelia Mohring and Martina Renner.

The group around Wagenknecht and Dagdelen are now keen to get back, asking for party leaders to appoint. Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger, papers.

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Video: Sahra Wagenknecht still has the real policy of not having to retire

Bad estimate of Wagenknecht's decline – There are even those that might happen

Tuesday 12, 16:02: Following the departure from the director Sahra Wagenknecht, Deputy Sevim Dagdelen is unsuccessful in running for the head of the parliamentary group. The journalist learned from the German group Tuesday from the decision circle, before that they had reported on the "News" newspaper about it. Dagdelen belongs to Wagenknecht to the left of the party and has one of the speakers. She had also been traded as a potential proxy of Wagenknecht.

Its removal is determined by the information of the "statue" "relief, perhaps from the atmosphere of the party leaders of Bernd Riexinger and Katja Kipping, was hostile in nature." Although Wagenknecht didn't want to talk about bullying directly, he refused to explain this.

Sevim Dagdelen

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AfD Chief Executive Gauland to Wagenknecht get back: "Left feels sensible"

15:29: The AfD has admitted that it has been regretted by the left editor of Sahra Wagenknecht. Wagenknecht was "one of the most impressive figures in the German Bundestag," said parliamentary director AfD Baumann on Tuesday in Berlin. Leading director Alexander Gauland said: "The left hand feeling will make Sahra Wagenknecht – at the ballot box at the longest end." ".

Was Wagenknecht bullied? The director on the left does not deny

14.01 clock: When a journalist was asked if Sahra Wagenknecht was moved inside the party, the politician says in the conference that everything that is happening is public. . And: "What term can that find, everyone can come to a decision."

Sahra Wagenknecht, the head of the parliamentary body, The Left in the Bundestag, stands at the start of the organisation's meeting at a press conference

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13:57: The views of Sahra Wagenknecht in a press conference on the citation she sent. It calls for reasons why health care has been reintroduced to "a certain level of serious difficulty," they will not be able to proceed. However, she continued to engage "and not take up her employment. The politician claims to have been very positive over the last three years and is donating". In both months, she was ill and had to run from one job to the next, knowing she could not keep out like this: It was responsibility and too much work ”was responsible for the sickness, which was why she made that decision to everyone and she was very grateful to her and her good thoughts. It is also important for her: "I will not be a person to be unfair." There will be no re-location of the group, Bartsch said.

13:15: Katja Kipping (The Left) fears Stegner's view: "Mensch @Ralf_Stegner, there are some proverbs that you should leave, like yourself to Sahra's decision #Wagenknecht. There are times when it's just about # Respekt for a user friendly decision. "

13:11: Ralf Stegner (SPD) also mentioned the decision of Sahra Wagenknecht: "Yesterday Sahra Wagenknecht called out to pull it back. As well as the best wishes to get back at the same time, it's in leadership of the left Party could lead to a better chance of a leading government relationship on this side of the Union. " t

12.18: Many politicians say they regret their withdrawal of the Sahra Wagenknecht. FDP director Christian Lindner is writing on Twitter: "I can hardly comment on @SWagenknecht, but Frau #Wagenknecht is a learned and qualified politician. That keeps democracy alive. So I do wish you all the best for your decision and for your health. t

The Sahra Wagenknecht – "behind the scenes" was distributed according to ZDF and brisantes rumor.

9.40m: The time given at Sahra Wagenknecht Monday from the top of the group on the left continues to make a profit and rumors. The politician had definitely referred to health reasons. However, another dissertation, sometimes worrying, is also circulating.

"Behind the scenes, even their fans taking a massive battle against Wagenknecht," ZDF capital studio head, Theo Koll, said on Monday morning presenter Marietta Slomka on the show magazine the transmission. Above all, as Wagenknecht's double job as leader of the left parties and leader of the campaign outside parliament t up "which has led to a large party within the organization and so human pressure," he said. There has been a struggle of power, the Wagenknecht has now been abandoned or lost.

But, looking at what the Left remains without being ahead in the front line, Koll also identified opportunities for the party. Wagenknecht had been working so far against a part that the government could play in the party. Their movement could now help with a red-green co-operative – and so open a new choice of power.

Retreat Wagenknecht: Greens want to have a clearer position for alliances t

7.29 clock: Greens have seen the return of Sahra Wagenknecht from the leaders of the opposition, the ability to move into the debate on alliances. "Better to Sahra Wagenknecht," said Jonathan's political leader, Michael Kellner, German News Group. The withdrawal reflects the high frequency in politics. “The Party can reverse on the other side of these issues.

Wagenknecht retires for health reasons – she wrote to her colleagues

Update March 12, 6:45 pm: “I am still a political figure and I promise my beliefs. But if you feel you can't even touch a weight now, you just have to accept it, "Wagenknecht said now as the retreat in the picture.

In an e-mail to their group colleagues, Wagenknecht wrote: "As you know, I had to leave my political work for nearly two months because of illness. Many of you have had ambitions. T After it was done, I was very happy, but now the illness, which was very much caused by responsibility and too much work, showed me that I didn't want to apply for it. going on in the future, so today I informed the Bureau that I will not be standing again in this year's new selection panel to ensure that there is a shift. I will continue to fulfill my responsibilities as a group leader and, of course, I am still politically active and will continue to be involved in my social credentials and social goals. "

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Sahra Wagenknecht leaves the head of the parliamentary body on the left – and gives health reasons

16:10: Vice-chair SPD Ralf Stegner sees the possibility that Sahra Wagenknecht will emerge for the new alliances of the party. "Re-guiding workers at the head of the parliamentary party to make the Left Party easier in the future can help to realize the ambition of a progressive coalition government on this side of the EU," said Stegner on Monday Press Group. T Germany in Berlin. "This choice was always theoretical with Sahra Wagenknecht."

15:50: After four years as the group's leader on the left, Sahra Wagenknecht did not stand for an office in the autumn. They learned the German newsgroup Monday from a circle of groups. As the German editorial network (RND) said, the 49-year-old on the executive's committee gave health reasons for his degree. Wagenknecht has been in charge of the organization since October 2015. At the end of last year last year it was severely criticized by its organization for its "go up" collection. .

Sahra Wagenknecht: Two-month break due to illness

Last Wagenknecht had stopped for two months due to an indefinite illness and was also lost at the left Party Party in Bonn. In the meantime, she is refreshed again, told the group on Monday. But the long illness has shown its boundaries not to go in the future. This was a struggle and too much responsibility.

As they fall, when the new committee of the Executive Committee is registered they are still 49-year-old for their responsibilities. Thereafter, it is still politically active and will continue to be involved in beliefs and social aims.

Wagenknecht had not only reported at the weekend, to pull away from leadership to move co-ordination "get up". This passion caused much controversy about the surrender and led to the unrest between Wagenknecht and the leader of the party Katja Kipping.

Sahra Wagenknecht: many of the people who have left the situation because of their own efforts t

Many of the people who were left were also dissatisfied with the efforts of Wagenknecht in the politics of refugees. The emptiness was seriously thinking about a coup – until they forced themselves into the supreme in January because of the forthcoming state elections.

While Wagenknecht has thrown out a lot of privacy from previous years, he is still claiming capitalization in Germany. It attracts a huge audience – in speech it indicates that there is a demand. In the Bundestag she regularly visits the others.

First published from March 11, 3:24 f: The Sahra Wagenknecht managing director will not be standing for this office. A report similar to the editorial network newspapers in Germany (RND – Tuesday's expenses) was confirmed on Monday in party circles. As a reason, Wagenknecht commented on health problems. More about this soon.

Wagenknecht leaves "go up" – and he will dislike

Update from 10 March: The message from the director of the left wing Sahra Wagenknecht draws from the top of the collecting campaign "Getting Up" on spurring political persuasion. "Wagenknecht lives. He is not responsible. Others should carry out their work now. They were embarrassed," he added the politician of SPD Johannes Kahrs.

Partner partner Simon Vaut, SPD European candidate from Brandenburg, talked about "good news". The Wagenknecht movement was too variable and unsuccessful: "Their national society is dangerous." Red-green was now "growing more". CDU member of Bundestag wrote Sebastian Steineke on Twitter: "It's already rising up, the dream that's still left, as intended, just Utopia."

But even in his own levels Wagenknecht was attacked. Anke Domscheit-Berg, who sits for the Left in Bundestag but is not a member of the party, wrote that the motion would fail. "No one can order movements from above and not for non-democratic."

It was having a huge impact on a party and secret that Wagenknecht had with "going up" for a long period of other priorities and "there were substantive definitions of relief and party posts represented", criticized Domscheit-Berg. "Change the changes, however, it changes."

Wagenknecht himself added his Facebook page on Sunday: "Indeed, I will still be getting involved in getting up and supporting my move with everything I can." “But we will need operational structures just for this, in the nations, but overall at the top. And in my opinion, it is time for us to re-regulate professional politicians and to give more responsibility to those who behave significantly at least. "

The Sahra Left Wagenknecht Chief Executive is abolishing the "up" move.

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

That Sahra Wagenknecht sets out the withdrawal from the “go up” campaign.

Berlin – The director on the left of Sahra Wagenknecht wants to withdraw it according to a media report from the top of the start of the front motion. "We need a realignment at the end of a rise," Wagenknecht said from "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" ("FAS"). “Party politicians should re-visit. This has a implications for itself. They were first necessary in their studies. But now it is OK to give responsibility. "Wagenknecht had set up the move with her husband to Oskar Lafontaine to allow voters who have departed from the classical parties.

"Get up" was started at the beginning of September and today counts about 170,000 supporters. Four weeks after its establishment, the move was already reported around 100,000 supporters. Unlike political parties, you do not have to pay a membership fee, and you can log in easily to a web.

Sahra Wagenknecht failed for two months because of an illness

Wagenknecht told the FAS that the "move" could be better if it's given to the people who put it on the basis. Left's deputy leader, Lafontaine, had emphasized the way in which he was "shocked" by being surprised by the strong movements. In their own party, however, the same refusal was refused to both. Directors of the SPD and Greens were also disrespectful.

Wagenknecht now told the newspaper that he would continue to support the move, for example by appearing in public. “But I also need to see what work I do. Since I have been absent for two months due to illness that was currently a major problem in recent years. That's where I need to find a new balance. "

Wagenknecht acknowledges misunderstanding in "going up"

The hidden face was also seen on the left as misunderstandings. “The parties we have liked to meet are circulated,” she told FAS. For many of the applications there was a majority in the Bundestag – mostly out of this she wanted to come out with the opening collection. “But it is clear that the SPD party leaders and the Left feel so comfortable that they have the chance to 'turn' their answer with his answer. T "

Lafontaine had said in February, almost six months after an official start "rose," that he could still "breathe." “We started well. But now we are in the troubles of the levels, because there are organizational difficulties. "Structures in the cities, cities and communities cannot be built" from one day to the next. " "That will take time. T "

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