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Galaxy S8 with Allnet Flat contract for 19,99 €

Update 09.12.2017: Until 11.12. At 9:00 am Media Markt and Satrun offer the Galaxy S8 with Allnet Flat contract again for 19,99 Euro basic charge . The additional charge for mobile phones is only 1 euro when ordering with the 1GB tariff in the Telekom D1 network. Alternatively, the Mobilcom-Debitel contract "Flat Allnet Comfort Action" at Media Markt is also available with S8 and a Sony Playstation 4 Slim 500GB or the Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Gear S3 (classic or frontier). The monthly fee is in this case 24.99 euros, the additional payment for the Galaxy S8 and the PS4 or the Gear S3 amounts to a one-time 49 euros. All details about the campaign can be found online at
Update 30.11.2017: Unfortunately the Media Markt Red Sale offers are already sold out. With Tophandy there is however a good alternative. For the Galaxy S8 here with contract even only 18.98 Euro basic charge due. In addition, there is a one-time mobile payment of 179 euros. For the higher one-time costs, there is also more power. Because the Tophandy S8 offer is offered with the "Lilien tariff" (Otelo Allnet Flat in the Vodafone net), which contains 3GB instead of 1GB data volume. If you order by 12/12/2017, you will also receive a free Gear Fit 2 Fitness Bracelet (Samsung Wishlist Special Offer). All details about the Tophandy Deal can be found at
Update 20.11.2017: Saturn Cyber ​​Week – Until 27.11. 20.00 clock there is the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a contract in the telecom or Vodafone network for 19.99 € / month . The one time mobile payment is only 1 Euro during the Saturn Black Week. With Mobilcom-Debitel switched Mobilcom-Debitel rate "Flat Allnet Comfort" you get an Allnet Flat with 1GB high-speed data volume that can be ordered either in D1 or D2 network.
handytarife.saturn.de (with contract)
But even those who do not need a new tariff get the Samsung top model in the context of the Black Week as cheap as never. Only in the promotion period there is the Galaxy S8 without contract for 499 Euro . The price quoted is 599 euros minus 100 euros direct deduction. The discount is deducted automatically in the Saturn basket. All details on the free shipping offer, there is online at
Update 26.09.2017: Saturn and Media Markt offer the Galaxy S8 with contract currently from 24,99 Euro basic charge and 1 Euro mobile payment. For the above price, the Samsung smartphone is available in a package with a 1GB Allnet Flat in the Vodafone D2 network . At Saturn, alternatively, the S8 Plus can be ordered together with a 2GB Allnet Flat in the Telekom D1 network . Including 32 GB of SanDisk Ultra Micro-SDHC memory card, the monthly tariff base fee rises to 31.99 euros. Upon request, the Telekom contract can also be booked including a higher-quality addition in the form of the Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Gear S3 classic (or frontier) . For the same basic fee, the one-time device surcharge is here also only 1 euro. All further information about the September offers are online unterhandytarife.saturn.de
Update 24.09.2017: Only until Monday, the 25.09. 9.00 Media Markt offers the Samsung Galaxy S8 with an Allnet Flat contract in the D-Net at the previous best price. New customers are currently receiving a basic fee of € 19.99 not only for the Samsung smartphone, but also for an additional Microsoft Office 365 Personal subscription. Alternatively, the Mobilcom Debitel tariff "Flat Allnet Comfort" connected in the Vodafone D2 network for monthly 24.99 euros can also be ordered with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus . The device additional payment amounts with both offers 1 euro. In addition, the Galaxy S8 is still available in a bundle with the Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Gear S3 classic or Frontier . With the 1GB Allnet Flat contract mtl. 24.99 euros and a one-time charge of 49 euros extra. Last but not least, the current top model from the South Korean manufacturer at Media Markt is also available as a package with two tariffs in the Telefonica network. In terms of price, only the smartphone is actually bundle with the O2 Free M contract . For a basic fee of 29.99 euros, customers will get a whopping 10GB high-speed data volume with LTE Max up to 225 MBit / s . After consuming the inclusive volume, the O2 Free mobile phone contracts will also be throttled to a fair 1 Mbps. All details on the S8 or S8 + Deals are available at
Update 16.09.2017: The 19,99 Euro Offer Galaxy S8 with D-Net Allnet Flat Contract is currently available again at Media Markt and Saturn. The mobile charge is 1 Euro. For monthly 24.99 euros, there is also the Galaxy S8 Plus at Saturn (one time surcharge of 99 euros). The contracts are switched this time in the Vodafone D2 network. All details about the campaign are available at: handytarife.saturn.de
 Media Markt Saturn Galaxy S8
Media Markt & Saturn Deal – Galaxy S8 with D-Net Contract for 19,99 € [19659009] B ei Media Markt and Saturn there is currently the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a D-Net Allnet Flat contract for 19.99 euros basic charge. The deal is available until 21.08. 24 clock in either the Telekom D1 or Vodafone D2 network. The mobile charge is only 1 €. All details about the Mobilcom Debitel Tariff Flat Allnet Comfort and about the campaign are available at

Mobile phone contract with Galaxy S8 at a bargain price

Media Markt / Saturn Deal with Galaxy S8 – conditions

  • Tariff: Mobilcom-Debitel Flat Allnet Comfort
  • Basic fee: 24 months for 19,99 Euro (afterwards 29,99 Euro)
  • Allnet Flat in the Telekom net with 750 MB data up to 20 MBit / s
  • Allnet Flat in the Vodafone network with 1GB data up to 21.6 Mbps
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 for 1 Euro surcharge
  • SMS costs 19 cents | 39,99 € Connection fee
  • 24 months contract term (3 months cancellation notice) Contract signed by Media Markt in TV commercials as a snap of the day Mobilcom-Debitel Flat Allnet Comfort is priced at 19, 99 euros per month in two variants available. In the Vodafone D2 network, you get the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a 1GB Allnet Flat (up to 21.6 Mbps). When choosing the rate offered by Media Markt and Saturn on the same terms in the Telekom D1 network can be surfed up to the consumption of 750 MB with up to 20 MBit / s in the download. After consumption of the inclusive volume in both cases, a throttling of the Internet connection to 64 kbps. A paid automatic data does not exist. For this, customers have to give up on this Allnet Flat bargain but also on LTE (4G). An SMS Flat is not included in the price of the Mobilcom Debitel Flat Allnet Comfort. Short messages will instead be charged at 19 cents.

    Hidden costs?
    Upon signing the contract, a one-time connection fee of 39.99 euros will be charged. For the SMS dispatch additional costs amount to 19 cent per short message. You should also note that the basic fee of 19.99 euros applies only for the first 24 months and then rises to 29.99 euros.

    Galaxy S8 with 15GB LTE data volume – O2 Free 15

    A As an alternative to the D-Net deal, the Galaxy S8 is also available with the O2 Free 15 contract at Media Markt and Saturn. All information on the online 4G LTE Handy Flat with 15 GB of high-speed data is available at handytarife.saturn.de

    E in deficiency of the two D-networks offers is that customers do not have access to the 4G LTE Network of Telekom or Vodafone get. In addition, the volume of data contained in the contract is comparatively low. But even here Media Markt and Saturn offer a very good alternative in the form of the O2 Free 15 tariff until 21st August. With the O2 contract offered on the occasion of the 15-year anniversary of the brand, you will receive a whopping 15 GB LTE high-speed inclusive volume, which can be downloaded at a speed of up to 225 MBit / s. After consumption of the data volume, the transmission rate of the mobile Internet connection is throttled down to still comparatively fast 1 MBit / s. In addition to an Allnet Flat for landline and mobile phone calls including EU Roaming Flat is included in the O2 contract also an SMS flatrate and a nationwide reachable landline number in the price. The Free 15 basic fee is also at order with the Samsung Galaxy S8 permanently 29.99 euros . For the smartphone, a one-time additional payment of 49 euros will be charged. The connection fee is 29.99 euros.

    The minimum contract term of all offers is 24 months. A timely termination (3 month term) is recommended especially for the D1 and D2 tariffs, since the base fee increases from the 25th month to 29.99 euros.

    Contribution rating: Media Markt & Saturn: Galaxy S8 with Allnet Flat contract for 19,99 €  1 star "title =" 1 star "onmouseover =" current_rating (2712, 1, '1 star'); "onmouseout =" ratings_off (4.3, 5, 0) onclick = "rate_post ();" onkeypress = "rate_post ();" style = "cursor: pointer; border: 0px; "/> <img id= 4.33 of 5 points based on 6 votes

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