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Tuesday , December 7 2021

Fishermen find in Emmerthal a Python snake in the Weser

Fishermen from the Hameln-Pyrmont district made an unusual observation on Sunday. While pursuing their hobby on the banks of the Weser in Emmerthal, they saw a huge snake. Apparently, she was able to escape from a circus.

Around 6.30 a. M., A sports fisherman discovered the python about three and a half meters long and then informed a fishing colleague. He in turn called the police and stopped his unusual find with his cell phone camera.

After the police arrived, they contacted Linus Kampe, the director of the Bad Pyrmont zoo. He caught the snake with the help of the two fishermen and first took them to the zoo.

Tiger python is dangerous to humans

According to Kampe, the snake is a dangerous tiger python. If the snake feels threatened, it bites first and then strangles its victims to death, he explained. In this case, however, the snake remained at peace, although one of the fishermen tapped his shoe to see if the snake was still alive. Instead of moving to attack, Python, however, has fled.

Circus does not notice the flight

It was not clear at the beginning how the Würgeschlange could reach the Weser. Meanwhile, it was announced that he escaped from a nearby circus. There the absence of Python was noticed only on Monday. How the snake escaped is unclear. According to a circus employee, the Tiger Python inhabits a kind of "cave" in one of the circus wagons, which is not easily visible.

Despite the abstract threat posed by Python in this case, the police do not claim any criminal offense. However, the circus is controlled by the responsible veterinary office.


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