Court hearing a child's deadly fall

SIt should be a special knowledge, gift of birthday. But the trip to a climbing park in Schotten in the Vogelsberg area in Hesse is a deadly accident for a girl in August 2015. The Sina accident of ten years old, according to the "Free Freefall" prosecution is so Unhappy that she is recycling from the edge of her jump button and her & # 39; put her head on a rock. A few weeks later, the girl dies from her seriously injured. From Tuesday, the local court must be able to clarify whether operators are going to; climbing park on the death of the child was made unfairly.

"We're sorry, it was uncertain that someone could land outside their jump button," said one of the two 42 and 44 year old guardians in the & # 39; court. Or if you have not offered the jumping event. It was expected that it would be a summer holiday attraction. It's amazing that "an accident was so terrible". "We would do anything to stop it. It is not possible."

From "Tower Freefall", dances can jump into your pillow with air pressure. The tower offered in Scots according to the rising cost of seven meters. Before she fell dead, so she jumped at a height of three meters. Then he went along the way up. At the top, she was greatly disturbed and on her face; Last minute she caught her at a ban before he jumped. This said that caused a & # 39; allegedly, that the child would take away and losing the center of the prospect.

Unsuitable spot for diving tower

The protest opposes the obstruction of the park to climb the dune tower due to the rocky and rocky surface in an unsuitable area. The logo should jump properly under the tower. "We accept the situation that such a facility should not have been established in such a place," said the prosecution. Rouven ruled the allegations, which are not in practice, but for anxiety.

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