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Apple Pay should start this week in Germany

It has been speculated for quite some time, when exactly Apple will launch its mobile payment service in Germany. The goal for many in the financial industry, on November 19 as launch date, passed without ads from the Tech Group. Now the iFun.de portal informs that Apple Pay will be launched this week.

The report said that Apple's existing business partners, including Aldi, Lidl, Net, H & M, Media Markt and McDonald's, are well prepared for the launch this week. Only Apple itself has not yet managed to gather its 15 stores in the current state of the art, the magazine, which is based on the statements of Apple employees. To offer customers the opportunity to pay with Apple Pay, an update of the payment terminals is needed.

In the technology and financial industry, one expects that with the entry of Apple Pay there will be a breakthrough in mobile payment in Germany. Google entered the market just a few weeks ago with Google Pay in this country. Savings banks, Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks and MasterCard also launched their own solutions this summer.

Apple Pay

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