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Aldi execution test: This is new in the discount stores.

Aldi Süd has been adapting its branches for two years to the new concept "Branch of the future". Now is the time for a new conversion.

Mülheim – Aldi Süd wants to get away from the cheap image. Since 2016, the company has redesigned its branches and modernized them. Although the renovation work has not even been completed in all stores, the discount is already testing new concepts in ten locations.

In one of these test centers, in Germering, near Munich, the design of the store is reminiscent of that of Aldi Italia. That informs Food Newspaper, The new stores have a different ceiling lighting, new colors on the walls and a gray tile floor.

"We take advantage of the experience of our international colleagues and examine to what extent we can also implement examples of best practices in the German market," says Aldi Süd's press office, adding that the design should be warmer and clearer. Clients should be able to orient themselves better.

In a 2017 video you can see what the markets look like after the current modernization:

Aldi Süd: The new disposition of the products is being tested.

But not only must the design be changed. The discounter tests new services, verifies the customer's purchasing behavior and the order of the products.

The shelves for vegetables have been in the back of the range of wines since the previous modernization in the markets of Aldi Süd. In the test stores, the fruit and vegetable areas are now back in the cash register area. The refrigerated counter with meat products is also back on the market.

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Aldi Süd: Innovations in the loaf of bread.

The loaf should also change a lot. Aldi wants to expand the bread business. The baking machines will disappear. At the moment there are only 20 bread products. In the future, there will be 50 different breads and buns in Aldi Süd.

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Aldi Süd wants to grow.

Background: Aldi Süd wants to continue growing, despite the highly competitive food market in Germany. That's why the new test branches are. The discounter regularly checks how new concepts and orders arrive to customers. For this account billing by receipt.

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