Germany eliminates the Tesla S model from the list of incentives eligibility EV, says that it is impossible to ask only the base version –

Germany eliminates the Tesla S model from the list of incentives eligibility EV, says that it is impossible to ask only the base version


 Tesla Model S Zurich Germany Subsidies

Published on December 2, 2017 |
by James Ayre

December 2, 2017 by James Ayre

The government agency in Germany responsible for regulating the electric vehicle incentive program in the country has eliminated the Tesla Model S from the list of eligible cars to receive a refund, the company has revealed.

The reason given is apparently that it is not "possible" to order the base version of the Tesla Model S without adding additional features, which makes the base price of the model effectively more than € 60,000 and therefore make the model is not eligible for the subsidy program.

 Tesla Model S Zurich Subsidies of Germany

Tesla, of course, denies this, kindly noting that he has delivered only such vehicles to customers in Germany on numerous occasions already.

"This is a completely false accusation – anyone in Germany can order a base version of Tesla Model S without the comfort package, and we have delivered those cars to the customers," says a statement from Tesla.

It is worth remembering that the billion dollar subsidy program launched last year in Germany – and regulated by the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Controls (BAFA) – is partially financed by the German automotive industry . In other words, it is financed by and intended to benefit German companies, companies that have a close relationship with the economy of the country and, therefore, with the government, should be remembered.

It should not be surprising to see a silent reinterpretation of the rules to exclude a foreign company that seems to be benefiting.

To better explain this statement, badyzing the electric models available at the time of the creation of the subsidy and the badociated prices, it is very clear that the line between eligible and ineligible that was chosen was specifically chosen to block the eligibility of the basic level Tesla Model S, and thus ensure that the subsidy benefits mainly German manufacturers (Tesla is one of the few foreign firms that manages to sell more than a few units of electric vehicles a year there). [19659007] Returning to the issue at hand, Tesla's statement pointed out that the company would be investigating to make sure that no potential customers were told they could not buy the entry level Model S without any package.

"If it is a seller One person told a customer that they could not buy the base version of the Model S without the comfort package, this is not accurate and is clearly outside our policies and procedures, and we will investigate and take the appropriate measures when necessary. ssary, "said the statement, cited by Reuters .

This announcement follows previous reports from the German magazine Auto Bild that BAFA was investigating reports that the base-level version could not & # 39; It can be ordered without packages and was considering removing the company from the eligibility list.

The subsidy, as a reminder, offers buyers of fully electric vehicles up to € 4,000 and buyers of plug-in hybrids (PHEV) up to € 3,000.

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