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Germany detains a Tunisian suspected of planning a "biological" attack

BERLIN (Reuters) – German prosecutors have obtained a warrant for the arrest of a judge for a Tunisian man suspected of planning an attack motivated by Islamists and the fabrication of a "biological weapon" that uses ricin.

The GBA Federal Prosecutor's Office said in a statement on Thursday that Sief Allah H., 29, had been arrested in the western city of Cologne on June 13 after a search of his apartment.

He said that the suspect had bought 1,000 ricin grains, a poison of natural origin found in castor bean, and an electric coffee grinder in line.

Prosecutors said they had not yet determined how far the suspect was in planning a ricin attack.

"There are strong suspicions that he had deliberately produced chemical weapons," the GBA said. "He also faces the initial suspicion of preparing a serious act of violent subversion against the state."

There is no evidence so far that the suspect is a member of a "terrorist organization," he added. Prosecutors also did not know that he had established a date and an objective for a possible attack.

(Information by Joseph Nasr, edition by Gareth Jones)

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