Georgia’s GOP secretary discusses Facebook fact-checking race over Trump’s misinformation

WASHINGTON – Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State checked several facts on his official Facebook page Sunday, misinformed about the election campaigned by President Donald Trump and his campaign.

For example, Brad Rafensparger shared an Associated Press story that investigated Trump’s false claim that Georgia election officials were unable to verify signatures on absentee ballots due to legal settlement.

“The State of Georgia strengthened the signature match this year,” Raffensparger wrote, with election officials receiving signature-matching training requiring a twice-confirmed match before a ballot can be cast.

He also said that the authorities created a web portal for online requesting absentee ballots, which checks and confirms the voter’s driving license or other state-issued identities.

“In this state, voters cast their ballots secretly so that no political party or candidate would ever intimidate or threaten the voter and change their vote.” “We will continue to protect the integrity of the vote.”

Another post of the Secretary of State states, “The state of Georgia has not had any absentee ballots since 2005 – those who request only one ballot can vote absentee.” Below, he wrote, “The image engages for meditation,” and posted. A screenshot of Trump’s tweet from July in which the president said that absentee ballots are fine, but mail-in ballots are not, and suggested that 20 percent of ballots in mail-ins may be bogus.

Raffensparger also wrote that his office strengthened the absentee voting process for the first time since 2005, and, in another post, said that as Secretary of State he first banned ballot harvesting after his proposal in the Legislative Assembly Imposed.

“Truth matters. Integrity matters,” he wrote.

In his final post of the series, Raffenspar joined the rape. Doug Collins, R-Ga., An aide to the president, who was GOP Sen. in this year’s crowded race. Kelly had failed in her bid to land Loeffler and was tasked by her. Trump campaign to oversee the audit of ballots in the state.

After re-addressing Signature Milan, Raffensparger wrote, “Unsuccessful candidate Doug Collins is a liar – but what’s new?” And posting a screenshot of another Trump tweet saying that the mail-in ballot would “lead the most corrupt election in American history”.

Loeffler and other Republican senators in the state, David Perdue – both of whom are headed for a run-off election in January – called on Raffenspar to step down on his “failures” to manage the election, but have no evidence. gave. Return their claims.

Raffenspar said in response last week, “Now that Senators Pardew and Loeffler are concerned about the election, hopefully they can fix these federal laws.” “As a Republican, I am concerned about Republicans holding the US Senate. I suggest that Senator Loeffler and Purdue start focusing on that. “

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