Georgia-Virginia prospecting; SEC commissioner Greg Sanke releases official statement

Athens – SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey clarified on Wednesday night that there is no scope for speculation at this time in his league office.

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Sankey released a statement shortly after the ACC announced the 11-game schedule model. The ACC will include Notre Dame within its league schedule, with each conference member joining 10 league opponents as well as a state non-conference:

Sankey was not interested in reacting to rumors that the SEC was expected to follow suit with a similar schedule model, saying:

“It is not appropriate to respond to anonymous sources and speculation. We continue our discussions focused on the return of falling sports including football. We will announce any decision at the appropriate time. “

SEC on deck

The SEC League presidents have a zoom call scheduled for Thursday.

Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity told DogNation earlier Wednesday that the league scheduling model would be the focal point of the discussion.

The new schedule model of the ACC states that ACC non-conference games should be played in the ACC school home state.

That Georgia first rules to open the season against Virginia on September 7 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Atlanta.

Chick-fil-A kickoff organizer Gary Stokan suggested last week that the ACC and SEC are looking at scheduling models that could eliminate a pair of Mercedes-Benz Stadium games.

Georgia is scheduled to open SEC games in Alabama on September 19, as is the current schedule, with a sept 12 home game to East Tennessee.

Eight or 10?

The SEC is considering a scheduling model that includes eight and 10 conference games in addition to only one non-conference game.

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McGarity reported DawgNation weeks ago that UGA would prioritize a non-conference game with Georgia Tech, among others.

Georgia playing the Yellow Jackets in Athens, Ga., Will meet the ACC’s requirements for non-conference play.

The game is currently scheduled for November 28, but there remains a possibility that it may be moved to other sources, per sources.

Sports Illustrated reported Wednesday that the SEC could move toward a 10-game conference schedule.

Sankey said during the COVID-19 pandemic that the SEC will look to make a decision near the end of July.

Recently, however, Sankey and other league officials indicated in late July that they could serve as “check points”.

The SEC is not currently scheduled to begin playing until the weekend of September 5.

Blanket apology

The NCAA recently provided a so-called “blanket apology” to all FBS teams that would allow them to carry on their opening game until August 29, the same way Oklahoma has done with its game against Missouri State.

A built-in sub-week will provide a cushion for any player who tests positive for COVID-19. The NCAA has released an updated reissue executive summary that players testing positive are set aside for 10 days.

The Big Ten and Pac-12 moved to a league-only schedule model to provide more flexibility in scheduling, in the event of an outbreak that could lead to postponed games.

Sankey has discussed advancing the SEC championship game to allow for greater schedule flexibility. The league title is currently scheduled for 7 December.

The ACC said in its schedule model release that its championship game will be December 12 or December 19 and will feature the top two teams, winning two percent.

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