Georgia to conduct ‘risk limited audit’ before certifying election winner

Georgia election officials said they would begin conducting a risk-limited audit under a new state law before certifying the presidential election winner on Friday.

NBC News reported that the remitted limiting audit would take a statistically significant sample of ballots and would hand-check to see if the announced winner actually won.

Audits are designed to find the wrong machines, procedural errors or anomalies derived from intentional manipulation and attack.


Secretary of State Brad Raffensper said Wednesday that the Georgia review would present “more than a 90 percent confidence level” in the results.

He said that the certification would reach by 13 November.

Georgia is an important battleground in the presidential race. President TrumpDonald John Trumpides tried to stop Trump in hopes of attacking McCain: Arizona officials warn that vote count may be delayed, leading to flood of dissolution New Trump campaign lawsuits late Reaching Georgia Mail Ballot Goals Lead, but ballots are counted as less than 10,000 votes.

On Thursday, Chatham County Superior Court Judge James Bais dismissed a lawsuit filed after an hour-long hearing by the Trump campaign over the state’s handling of absentee ballots.

The campaign alleged that a witness noticed that late-arriving ballots were not properly stored and may have been combined with ballots on time. Bais said there was no evidence to support the ballots referenced in the petition, which were received after 7 pm when voting closed on Tuesday night.


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