Georgia, Oklahoma with a defeat entering the national semifinal –

Georgia, Oklahoma with a defeat entering the national semifinal


The short wait is over: No. 3 Georgia will face No. 2 Oklahoma at the Rose Bowl during the first round of the college football playoffs on New Year's Day. No. 1 Clemson will face No. 4 Alabama in the Sugar Bowl in the other parenthesis.

Each team enters with only one spot. The Bulldogs lost to Auburn, 40-17, on November 11. They avenged that loss on Saturday, turning a grinder from the last quarter 10-7 into a comfortable 28-7 win in the SEC Championship.

The Sooners were upset, 38-31, by Iowa State on October 7. The Cyclones (7-5) also surpbaded the-No. 4 TCU and they gave the No. 12 Oklahoma State a fight.

Although Oklahoma did not have the opportunity to avenge his defeat, his domination otherwise made it forgettable. The Sooners scored at least 29 points in each game, and at least 40 in nine games. He beat Ohio State 31-16 on the road. He blew TCU, the second best team of the Big 12, twice.

The uniqueness of this pairing falls on the quarterback contender Heisman Baker Mayfield against the Georgia defense. Mayfield starred against poor defenders mostly out of his performance against the Buckeyes.

But Mayfield has not seen the physical as the defense of Georgia. On the other hand, the Bulldogs took advantage of the offensive rear of the SEC East and have not seen a field marshal of the caliber of Mayfield.

The difference may lie in the defenses. Georgia has one of the best in the country, while Oklahoma has had to overcome theirs at times. If the Sooners win, it will be due to Mayfield and his ability to temper the UGA race game.

It's Georgia's first appearance in the tiebreaker. Oklahoma is making its second demonstration after losing 37-17 to Clemson in 2015. The Bulldogs are the SEC's second team to qualify (Alabama) while Oklahoma remains the only Big 12 team to reach the postseason.

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