Georgia officials openly investigate Trump’s efforts to reverse election results

Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Office is investigating East President TrumpDonald TrumpDominarian spokesman: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell ‘begging to sue’An attempt to reverse the election results in Peach State, including a phone call he made to Secretary Brad Raffensper in early January.

Walter jonesThe Walter JonesSupreme Court decided to hold a case challenging the Unlimited Super PAC fundraising case. Experts warn of potential intrusions to Georgia’s new electronic voting machines, after the flawed Georgia net vote restores 22,000 voter registrations., A spokesman for the office confirmed the investigation in a statement Monday and described it as “fact-finding and administrative”.

“The Secretary of State’s Office investigates complaints received. Jones said the investigation is factual and administrative. “Any further legal effort will be left to the Attorney General.”

The investigation is likely to focus on a Jan. 2 phone call in which Trump pressed Rafaensberger to “find” the votes needed to avoid his electoral losses in Georgia and issued veiled threats.

“Ballots are corrupt, and they’re brand new, and they don’t have seals, and there’s a whole thing with ballots. But ballots are corrupt. And you’re going to find out that they are – which is completely illegal.” – It is more illegal for you because it is for them, because you know, what they did and you are not reporting it. He is the culprit, he is the culprit. And you cannot let that happen. It is for you and There is a big risk for your lawyer Ryan, ”Trump said during the hour-long phone call.

“That’s what I want to do.” I just want to find 11,780 votes, which we have more than one because we have won the state, ”he continued.

In the months following the election, Trump claimed that he had won Georgia, despite showing several times President BidenJoe BidenDemocrats Trump Impeachment Defense Says ‘Completely Without Qualification’ Are the Benefits of an American-Israeli Defense Pact – And Perils White House: Biden won’t spend much time watching Trump impeachment trial The state narrowly won.

Georgia was one of several states where Trump’s lawyers filed unsuccessful lawsuits to challenge the results. Gabriel Sterling, a top Georgia official, repeatedly and publicly pushed back Trump’s baseless claims of electoral fraud.

In December, Trump also pressured the Georgia government. Brian KempBrian Kemp ‘Purple America’ to decide political direction in 2022 Republicans worry that Green may be drawn on the party in the suburbs. Pass the rescue bill – with or without Republicans (R) To demand a special legislative session to reverse the results, a demand Kemp did not accept. Trump has publicly targeted Kemp, calling him to resign and face a primary in the 2022 Gubernatorial election.

Meanwhile, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) is deciding whether to open a criminal investigation into Trump’s attempts to reverse the results in Georgia, according to The New York Times.