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From a statistical standpoint, Georgia did not get much production running the football against Arkansas, which Bulldogs fans have become accustomed to.

Conscience white Started 13 times at a slow pace for 71 yards (5.5 average) and one touchdown. Otherwise, however, the final rushing number, 121 yards, failed to meet expectations.

James Cook Did football seven times but managed only 26 yards Kenny Mackintosh Six yards on three attempts.

Head coach during Monday’s Zoom press conference with reporters Kirby Smart He was asked what he thought might be the problem.

“It’s a combination of both [the running backs and blocking]. I thought there were some things. First thing, to make a great run, you have to have a good box count, you have to get a hat on a hat, you have to miss people, ”said Smart. “I think all our backs have the ability to remember people, but they have to do it at a higher level. We have to block much better at another level based on our receivers, block blocking, and 10 to 12. -Yard pairs have to be converted into big runs. ”

Smart felt he had a possibility in the back.

“There were some missed opportunities, and we have to do something better. At the end of the day, it is the one who is able to run the ball, ”he said. “Look at our league – you show me a team that is running the ball really well and efficiently; It is difficult to do this in our league. You have to be able to throw and catch the ball, and you have to be able to score points. ”

The Bulldogs know they will have to do a better job on Saturday when No. 8 Auburn visits Sanford Stadium for this year’s home opener.

“There were some holes there, some things there that were not necessary back. Sometimes the picture was bad. And if you have a bad picture and it pisses you off, you can’t do that. It’s everyone’s. Doing his job takes a cumulative effect, and if a man is off – a receiver doesn’t cut a safety, and he turns what would be a 20-yard gain into a five-yard lead, “Smart said. “If the snap is off, you go back and see: The snap was off a while ago, and it brings the quarterback offline, then it brings the running offline.”

James Cook ran 26 yards on seven carries on Saturday.
James Cook ran 26 yards on seven carries on Saturday. (UGA Sports Communications)

Injury update

Smart said the Bulldogs survived Saturday’s game with no injuries.

“As far as injuries go, no one has been hurt. There are some bumps and bruises, exactly what we were going for in the game,” Smart said. “Germain (Johnson) Dinged his shoulder; I think they had to go out a little bit for the game. But he came back in and played, and we think he will recover. Kearis (Jackson) Got dinged on the hit when it became a very good hit, but he stayed for a few more plays and came back, ”said Smart. “We don’t have anyone we think is out there.”

… Smart was also asked about the position of the linebacker outside the senior Walter Grant—Who did not accompany the team to Fayville — and their status for future games.

“In terms of Walter, when we think he can contribute and help us, he will be able. He should be able to help us in all phases of the game, ”Smart said.

Smart fans are not worried about appeasing the media’s expectations

Smart was asked whether Saturday’s 27-point win or not was such a big win.

As you know, the Bulldogs struggled aggressively in the final two quarters before outscoring the Razorbacks.

“I don’t know. I don’t really get into that; I just look at the performance. Expecting fan base, expectation from you guys (media), which I’m not trying to please,” Smart said. “I am trying to make these young people happy, and I want them to be at their best. I want to do the best job for them as an employee. I want to give them the best chance to succeed. ”

People’s perceptions, he said, mean little to him

“I’m not really into perception or the outside world, what do they think, because it probably doesn’t matter at the end of the day. I worry about our team getting better, ”he said. “It’s never as good as it sounds and it’s not as bad as it sounds. And upon seeing that tape it was 100 percent clear. The defense was not as good as it seemed, and the offense was not as bad as it seemed. We have to do good work while doing better. That is the only thing that matters. ”

Look for Hill looks more at guard

center Tray hill Saturday suffered a pair of bad snaps, but they are not the reason Smart said the juniors might start seeing more time at left and right guard.

“He’s going to all the camps,” Smart said. “It’s not something we haven’t done.”

Warrenian Hill spelled at center during Saturday’s game against Arkansas.

“We think Trey gives us a lot of flexibility at guard. We think Warren (Andean) gives us flexibility at center, and the ability to play guard that you saw in the Bowl game,” Smart said. “He provides you with some conditioning relief when he is in a COVID year, and you are not as good of a shape when you are.”

He said that it can work with strength.

“Trey plays a really good guard. In a lot of ways, Trey can play a guard role and produce more power than Warren in terms of strength and body weight,” Smart said. “So he Ben (Cleveland) and (Justin) are able to relieve Shaffer and give him a blow and not a drop from the center. We will continue to work on that path and play the role of those who give us the best chance to win. ”


“Statson Bennett is angry at golf.” –Jake Camarda.

“Good question. The biggest thing, we had some mental hustle that they didn’t expose to us. Things that, if you’re sitting there and watching, you’re going, ‘Well we didn’t do that. We did that. Did not work well. ‘Someone with better players will be able to contact us – mistakes that were made, communication errors. One side is playing one thing and the other side is playing another- we [were] Not on the same page. Usually, they are early season mistakes, and they are playing away from one [it] There is a big drama – and we saw an explosive play. “-Smart on game on defense.

this and that

… Smart did not ask when he was moved to the second game of the year when he was against the annual tilt.

“My support or ‘dissatisfied’ doesn’t matter. It’s who it is. I really don’t care When We play what we play; its who We play that I care, “Smart said” We have Auburn this week. I am excited because I think they have a very good football team. Two months ago, three months ago, we didn’t even know if we were going to do this game, so I’m definitely excited that we are, and that our kids would have the opportunity to play in an electric environment. ”

… Camarda was viewed by the SEC office as the special teams player of the League of the Week.

The junior averaged 49.9 yards (for the second time nationally) and seven times during the Bulldogs’ 37-10 win in Arkansas at an average of 47.0 nett (fourth national). He dropped five of those balls at the 11-yard line or better and was 63 yards long. He finished with four punches 50 yards or longer, and was forced to take three fair catches during his performance.

… CBS has chosen to use the six-day option on Saturday, October 10 to select the game. Tennessee at Tennessee A&M and Tennessee at Florida are being held for two sports selections. The game, not chosen by CBS, will be broadcast by ESPN at noon ET.

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