Georgia election worker forced to hide false claims and throw a ballot

An Atlanta-area election worker hid after false claims that he threw a ballot that went viral.

Fulton County Election Supervisor Rick Barone said an employee who was at the State Farm Arena was threatened over false claims and leaked some of his personal information.

“He’s in hiding,” the baron said.

“They have to leave their homes and stay with friends,” he said. “He is afraid to drive his car because information about his car, his license plate, is out.”

Barron said Fulton County, which also includes Atlanta, is weighing in to provide protection to the worker.

The activists, who remained anonymous, were falsely accused of removing a ballot. But Barone said the video of the incident revealed that the worker was using a machine to separate the outer envelope from the inner envelope and that the ballot itself was not affected.

“One thing you need to know though, is that those ballots are done 8 you 19 inches long,” Baron said. “At no point did you see him removing anything from envelopes and pieces of paper, those were instructions and it was a small piece of paper.”


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