Georgia election result puts closer to $ 15 federal minimum wage –

Georgia election result puts closer to $ 15 federal minimum wage

President-Elect Joe Biden (C) with Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate John Osoff (L) and Rev. Rafael Warnock (R) during a campaign rally the day before their runoff election in the parking lot of Atlanta’s CenterPark Stadium. .

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A $ 15 federal minimum wage came to a close after Tuesday’s Georgia runoff election, which is likely to flip Senate control and unify the government under the Democratic Party.

Such wage increases would more than double the current federal minimum wage, $ 7.25 per hour, but would face resistance from some Republicans and business groups.

According to NBC News estimates, the Republican dissident, Rev. Rafael Warnock, a Democrat, defeated Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who won the US Senate runoff in Georgia on Tuesday.

According to NBC News, Democrat John Ossoff was leading Republican David Perdue, whose Senate seat expired on Sunday, which was included in other Georgia races, also close to Wednesday afternoon.

Democratic victories in those contests would give Democrats control of the Senate, House, and presidency. Congress is scheduled to confirm President Election Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

“This is absolutely a priority,” said Mark Hamrick, Bankt’s senior economic analyst, about passing legislation by Democrats to set a higher pay floor.

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Democrats, particularly those from the party’s liberal wing, have long insisted on raising the national minimum wage. St. Burmese Sanders of Vermont, an independent who usually votes with Democrats, said in a tweet Tuesday that the $ 15 minimum wage was at stake in Georgia’s runoff election.

Proponents of raising the pay floor argue that the current standard does not provide a payable salary for Americans.

$ 15,080 a year


However, passing such a law is not one. If both Democrats win in Georgia, the Senate will be split 50–50 between Democrats and Republicans, with Vice-President Kamala Harris able to cast a resounding vote in favor of the Democrats. This majority would move away from the threshold to stop the film.

After the House bill passed in 2019, the Republican-controlled Senate did not bring Rye to the Wedge Act into a vote.


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