Georgia coach Kirby Smart calls Gub Maljahan of Auburn for ‘CoachSpec’

ATHENS – Kirby Smart and Gus Malzahn may respect each other on the field as rival coaches, but they are like the Cats and Dawgs in their running commentary.

Smart called the Auburn head coach at Georgia’s Tuesday night press conference for “CoachSpec”, adding to the already bitter and spicy competition between the partridge and the Bulldogs.

Malzan made his press conference debut on Tuesday, stating that Georgia is “the most talented team in the SEC” that runs until 7:30 pm on Saturday (TV: ESPN).

Malzhain’s No. 7-ranked Tigers (1-0) is a touchdown for the No. 4-ranked Bulldogs (1-0).

Smart, who often fights with Malzahan for recruits in Georgia and Alabama, indicated that he did not accept Malzah’s remarks as true.

“I think if you ask someone the week of the game, the team they’re playing has the most talent in the league, and then next week, that team will have the most talent, then next week, The team will have the most talent, “Smart Deadpaid.” And it’s said CoachSpec, so thanks Gus. He has the most talent in the SEC. “

Smart, certainly edgy, was not doing his thing.

Asked how much of a concern Auburn’s receivers were, Smart threw back Malzahan’s words in The Plains’ direction.

“Well, they have the most talent in the SEC, so I’m very concerned when it comes to their receiving duct and their level of talent,” Smart said.

“It always worries you when you play Auburn. They’ve got a quarterback who can deliver the ball to those guys, Chad is doing an incredible job moving the guys around and putting them in places they’re not doing normally, so his skill at receiver The level is really good. “

Smart had praised Maljah for starting the week.

“I have great respect for Gus [Malzahn] And the organization has put them together, ”he said in his Monday press conference. “They are well recruited, they have really good players, a top-10 team in the country, so it should be a great ball game, great atmosphere.”

Smart realized the possibility that Malzahn went out of his way to win the SEC Championship to increase the pressure on Smart and the Bulldogs.

This is not the first time Malzan has said something that irritates.

In 2017, after the Tigers’ 40–17 victory over the Bulldogs in 2017, Malzahan said, “We thwarted the dog shit, didn’t we?”

If the smart brush back, saying “WYou actually earn the right to say whatever you want in the same way you did on the field. “

Georgia avenged the defeat by defeating Auburn in the 2017 SEC Championship Game.

But tensions persisted, and may have played a part in Smart or a 17-point lead in a fake field goal attempt and 3:20 left in the 2018 meet.

Smart, whose team was battling for a College Football Playoff spot at the time and ranked No. 5, said UGA attempted a fake because the lead wasn’t “comfortable” enough.

“If you don’t get it, they come back, so thought they were going to take three touchdowns to kill us,” Smart said. “It’s all about point differences. This was something that was thought about and talked about long before it happened while driving. “

Former Auburn linebacker and team captain Deshawn Davis called it a “bullcrap call” by Smart at the time.

Maljahan also mentioned in his Tuesday press conference that it was Auburn who scored the first emphatic touchdown over Georgia last season during the Bulldogs’ 21–14 win.

Malzahn, whose team trailed 21–0 as they entered the fourth quarter, said his defense “filled him in the fourth quarter.”

Injury update: Smart said senior tight and graduate transfer Trey ‘McKitty returned to practice on Monday and practiced even more on Tuesday, raising the possibility that he could play against Auburn on Saturday.

“He’s coming in well, he’s got a chance to play, it’s one of those deals that you want to do some live action before you get out into the game, and (and) I don’t know if we’re going to do There is a chance to do that, ”said Smart.

“But he has definitely improved and is getting better shape.”

Smart said that offensive guard Clay Webb has an ankle injury, and that’s why he was prevented from traveling to Arkansas.

Coming out of the game, Smart had hinted shoulder to shoulder outside linebacker Jermyn Johnson, but was able to return to action.

The Bulldogs ruled receiver Dominic Blaycock (knee) and defensive back Kyle Ringo (Labrum) out of the season in falling injuries.

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