George RR Martin signs a 5-year contract with HBO to fill his downtime

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Although he is best known for writing lengthy, infinitely detailed, and eerily hollow works of fiction about how Will he ever buckle up and end The winds of Damned WinterGeorge RR Martin has also developed quite a bit as a television producer over the years. Recently, Martin announced that he was producing (with Kalinda Vazquez) an adaptation of Roger Zelazny Road marks, and your resume also obviously includes game of Thrones, Syfy Night fliers, and the million more or less game of Thrones spin-offs currently in process—most notably Dragon House, scheduled to hit HBO in 2022. Now the network has moved to continue that relationship, and carefully fill in Martin’s many (apparently) idle hours, signing a 5-year contract with the hypothetical author to continue making shows for them.

By The Hollywood Reporter, The general The deal would give the network access to whatever program Martin develops over the next five years, and it would give Martin a big bag of money at the rate of what is reported as 8 figures. (Or, approximately, 1, 000,000 of those little gray hats that you like.)

What Martin gets out of this is obvious. (See above, re: Hats). HBO Commitment, meanwhile, underscores his constant belief that generate the following game of Thrones out of, well, game of Thrones, gleefully ignoring the ways in which the show’s cultural prestige a little fell off a cliff the second he went into the air its end in 2019. Which is not a joke for Martin, after all, he did not write the final season as he reportedly too busy without writing The Damned Winds of Damned Winter that has a lot to do with the series at that point—So much that it’s an acknowledgment of how much the network wants to believe that whatever hypnotic combination of violence, nudity, and endangered children it did It has One of the biggest hits in cable history will still be operational when and where we finally return to Westeros.


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