George Clooney hopes for America’s future after his ‘great deal’ of failures: ‘you can’t give up’

George Clooney has high hopes for America’s future, despite the acceptance of his blinding failures.

The Kentucky-born actor discussed the strengths and weaknesses of his country of origin despite living in Italy in recent years with his wife Amal Clooney and their twins.

The 59-year-old was selected as People magazine’s “People of the Year” and in its festive issue, the award-winning actor got politically when watching the presidential election on a turbulent year of 2020, nationwide against racial inequality Protests between the death of George Floyd and the coronovirus epidemic.

Clooney said he was growing up in the South in the 1960s when people like Martin Luther King and Bobby and Jack Kennedy had stoned the nation, discussing the importance of being active and articulate in the face of inequality.

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George Clooney opened up about racism in America in an interview with People magazine. The actor said that he is optimistic about the country’s future despite racial inequality.
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“You had to join. My mother and father were involved, and we were [taught] This is your civil duty, “Clooney told the outlet.” I remember my father saying, ‘Don’t come back and look me in the eye till you stand up. [bullies and racists]. ‘I’m glad I got up this way.

Clooney then shared his belief that America has a positive future.

“I am always optimistic about this country. We have failed to a great extent, but I have been in many countries that are really failed states, and they look to this country for leadership, ”he said.

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Clooney said the US has “come up very little” in the past. He said that inequality about caste is the “great original sin” of the country. Earlier this year, Icon wrote an essay about systemic racism in the US, calling it the nation’s other “epidemic”.

“Obviously the worst we’ve been on – but we’re in a constant process of trying to find a more perfect union … You can’t give up,” he said. “I believe in the American spirit.”

The actor and director discussed how their decisions have affected motherhood today.

The actor and director discussed how their decisions have affected motherhood today.
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The father of two also shared how paternity is also a reason why he will not stop using his voice in adversity.

“I’m in the same position as a father of 3-year-olds: I don’t want my children to turn around when they’re 15 and say,” There was a time when they were putting children in cages. The … and what did you do about it? “He told the magazine.” And if the answer is ‘nothing’, I’d be ashamed. “

Earlier this year, the actor and director spoke in support of justice for Bryo Taylor and his family. Emergency medical worker Taylor was shot several times by officers who entered her home during a narcotics investigation.

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When Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron warned state citizens not to hear the outside influence, commenting on the grand jury’s decision not to bring murder charges against the three Louisville police officers involved in Taylor’s death, Clooney back Slapped.

In a statement by Deadline, he said: “The justice system I was raised to believe those responsible for my actions. Her name was Breona Taylor and was shot on her bed by 3 white police officers who did not Will. Charged with any crime for his death. I know the community. I know common sense. And I have been taught in schools and churches in Kentucky what is right and what is wrong. I am ashamed of this decision. Is coming

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This year, Clooney also began funding various organizations after Floyd’s death and in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. According to People, the actor has donated $ 500,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative and $ 1 million for coronavirus responses in Los Angeles, Italy and London. He has also provided fund support to Lebanese charitable institutions after the deadly Beirut eruption.

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