Genshin Impact’s Hu Tao banner kicks off this week

As expected and mocked, the following Genshin impact The banner will involve the five-star Hu Tao. myHoYo revealed that people will have a chance to acquire it starting on March 2, 2021. It will appear alongside three four-star stars who also come from Liyue.

Hu Tao is the Pyro polearm wielder, and she’s not the only one on this poster. People will also have a higher chance of getting the Xiangling, which uses the same weapon and has the same item. However, she is only a four star. Cryo Claymore user Chongyun and Hydro sword wielder Xingqui complete the focus units.

Hu Tao and his new banner won’t be the only upcoming additions. Your story mission, Papilio Charontis, will also be added on March 2, 2021. You will need to have completed Act 2 of the first chapter of the campaign and be AR 40 to complete it. There will also be an epitome summoning event wish that includes the Staff of Homa, the Wolf Tombstone, and the new lithic weapons.

There will also be a new quest from the Adventurer’s Guild. Vishaps and Where to Find Them will reward people with things like Hero’s Wit, Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Primogems. That will take place March 5-12, 2021. If you are in AR 20, you can accept the challenge.

Genshin impact is available for PlayStation 4, PC and mobile devices. It will eventually arrive on Nintendo Switch. The Hu Tao banner will be available from March 2-16, 2021.

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