Genshin Impact Rosaria trailer profiles distant priestess

The Windblume Festival may be over, but for some Genshin Impact players begins the real test. Rosaria, the newest playable character in the game, appears on the character poster “Goodbye Snezhnaya” and has her own “Collected miscellany“Trailer now.

Like similar videos from Hu Tao and Xiao, the trailer is an in-depth look at both Rosaria’s character and the movements and abilities she brings to the table. Genshin impact player parties.

The video begins by emphasizing the unique nature of Rosaria’s role as a priestess in the Church of Favonius in Mondstadt. She does not hold services or pray to the gods, but walks through the night, purging threats before they can raise their heads.

His late-night schedule is reflected in a unique talent that increases the party’s movement speed at night. She is also the first user of cryogenic element polearms in Genshin Impact. With its addition, only the Hydro and Electro elements are missing a character with polearm proficiency.

Rosaria’s elemental ability teleports her behind an enemy, hitting them from behind, and can increase her own critical rate if she hits the enemy from behind. Rosaria’s Elemental Burst thrusts an ice spear into the ground, causing it to periodically throb with damage from Cryo. With unlocking talents, the Burst can also increase the critical rates of his partymates, allowing for a strategic character swap.

From the looks of it, Rosaria could be a useful character for players looking for a melee specialist with zone control mechanics. Her explosion also makes it useful to swap Rosaria for other characters to trigger elemental reactions.

Genshin impact is available on Android devices, iOS devices, PC, and PS4. A version of Switch is in development. PS5 version to launch in spring 2021

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