‘Genshin Impact’ critics call for boycott amid claims of racism and pedophilia

‘Boycott Genshin Impact‘is trending on Twitter as players accuse the miHoYo game of being racist and including elements of pedophilia.

Critics are using the hashtag #BoycottGenshin to discuss their gambling issues, which involve enemy characters inspired by indigenous peoples, racism and colorism, while also asking players to email miHoYo with a template that describes your complaints.

However, fans of Genshin Impact they are responding to critics, who say they are misinterpreting important factors.

Hilichurls inspired by indigenous peoples

A problem critics have with Genshin Impact is that the Hilichurls, a group of enemies in the game, are supposedly inspired by the natives.

The game describes the Hilichurls as: “The primitive wandering inhabitants of the Teyvat wastelands.

“They look a lot like humanity, but they seem to have lost both their intellect and their spirituality. Their presence on the continent has been recorded for over a thousand years and yet they have neither history nor civilization.”

“Since the black calamity of five hundred years ago, they have begun to spread in great numbers throughout the land. They are not very strong and lack organization, but nevertheless they bring considerable trouble to humans from time to time.”

A participant sits in front of a computer monitor to play a video game on February 15, 2019, in Leipzig, Germany. Critics of ‘Genshin Impact’ are calling on players to boycott the game.
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Players have been offended because they believe that aspects of these characters, such as their clothing and dance, have been inspired by indigenous groups.

Twitter user @ EM0GOJO said: “I want to talk about the hashtag #BOYCOTTGENSHIN. As an indigenous person, I just want to say that the Hilichurls are inspired by indigenous peoples at all. (Including me) now discovering this is really painful.

“It makes us feel like we’re being teased for something that means so much to us. Our culture is not something you can take and use myHoYo. It’s not cool, it’s not funny and I’m really disappointed. A lot of us are.”

I want to talk about him #BOYCOTTGENSHIN hashtag. As an indigenous person, I just want to say that hilichurls that are inspired by indigenous people are not at all okay. people used to laugh at his dance and only people (including me) now finding out this is really +

– ً sage | ia (@ EM0GOJO) April 6, 2021

Claims of racism and colorism

Critics also say that there are only two playable characters with darker skin in Genshin Impact, Xinyan and Kaeya, with the former described as scary and the latter as “exotic”.

Some people criticize the fact that despite being the two darker skinned players, Xinyan and Kaeya are still pale, which raises issues about racism, colorism, and representation.

However, fans of the game have defended Kaeya being described as “exotic”, pointing out that she is from Khaenri’ah, which is not part of the continent of Teyvat. Others point out that Xinyan is considered scary because she dresses like a punk rocker, not because of her skin tone.

Pedophilia accusations

Some players say that there are elements of pedophilia inside Genshin Impact because an NPC says that he will confess his love for Flora, who is a girl in the game.

However, others have pointed out that Flora was an adult in the beta version of the game. They believe that while Flora’s character was rewritten as a child, the NPC’s dialogue was not accidentally updated to reflect the new era of the character.

Criticism in the face of a backlash

However, fans of Genshin Impact they are responding to the critics. In addition to the defenses mentioned above, many point out that the game is not supposed to be an accurate description of reality, while others say that critics are looking for problems where there are none.

Twitter user @ Kep3natan said: “People should know that the grass in Genshin Impact it’s making fun of the real life weed we know today. How it shakes and grows back after being burned is not real and is completely blasphemous !! “

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