Genshin Impact Albado Banner does not include any new 4-stars

miHoYo revealed Genshin impact The albedo banner characters, and many of them will look quite familiar! Around this time, all four-stars are already available people in the game. There are no new people joining the cast yet. (Forgive anyone waiting for Rosaria!) But on the plus side, Secretum Secretorum has popular staples like Bennett and Fiscal starting on December 23, 2020.

As mentioned earlier, the albedo is a five-star Geo unit. He uses a sword, just like a traveler. (He has already appeared in his first character trailer.) Joining him in this banner is four-star Animo Catalyst user Sucrose. Which makes sense, because she works with him in Montstead. The other two people on the banner are Bennett, a four-star pyro sword-fielder beloved for his treatment, Burst Fantastic Voyage, and Fischl, a four-star electro archer whose friends Oz are quite useful for triggering elemental reactions. Bennett was first available to Masterless Stargitter in November 2020 at Pyman’s Bargains, and Fischl was given away free as part of the November 2020 event.

miHoYo also introduced new weapon banners. The next Epitome Evocation will run at the same time as the albedo banner and will include the following weapons as its focus items.

  • Four Star Favonius Greatsword
  • Four Star Favonius Lance
  • Four Star Favonius Sword
  • Four Star Sacrifice Pieces Trigger
  • Four star the stringless
  • Five Star Skyward Atlas Catalyst
  • Five-star summit shaper sword

Genshin impact The Albedo banner will be available until January 12, 2021. After that, we’ll see a banner with Ganyu as the featured five-star. Genshin impact PlayStation 4 is available for both PC and Android and Apple iOS devices. The Nintendo Switch version is under development.

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