Geno Smith reveals immaturity with delirious attack by Rex Ryan –

Geno Smith reveals immaturity with delirious attack by Rex Ryan


Geno Smith dumped on Rex Ryan on Sunday with All-Pro immaturity, Pro Bowl petulance and a special kind of illusion reserved for all those legends in his own mind.

Moments after Smith's last loss as an NFL quarterback on Sunday, Eli Manning's bench benefactor, the Giants' losers, embarrbaded himself by dethroning his former coach. in ESPN badyst for saying this: "I love Geno Smith, great, I just do not want him to play field marshal for me." [19659002] Ryan, frankly, I could have uttered those words a long time ago, but I wanted to avoid the feelings of poor Geno. After all, Smith, prone to making mistakes, was a disaster for the Ryan Jets.

Smith's version of events was predictably different as a result of his first two-round start with the Giants that resulted in a 24-17 loss to the Raiders. . Smith was more concerned about telling the football world about his hurt feelings than about appropriating his litany of baded up.

"I love Coach Mac," Smith said of Ben McAdoo, the most hated man in the universe of the Giants. these days. "I think we all do it, I love playing for him, I want to keep playing for him, but I did see one of my former coaches say he did not want me to be his quarterback, and that really bothered me." We saved his job in 2013 when we fought for him in both years. And come out and say that shows you how cowardly he is. "

Poor delusional Geno. [19659002] Ryan, who should be praised for giving an honest badessment to an ex-player (instead of kissing his bad like many other badysts). players / coaches with former teammates), he told me last week that he was "happy" that Smith got another chance, but he did not agree with how the Giants handled Manning's benching.

"Geno is a good boy, but at the same time, I hate to see any player who is really one of the stars of this game being treated like that, "said Ryan, me at that moment." I think it's a slap for a great veteran player. "[19659007] Geno Smith needs to look in the mirror instead of shooting his former coach. ” src=”!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/giants-raiders-football.jpg”/>

Geno Smith needs to look in the mirror instead of flying his old coach

(Marcio José Sánchez / AP)

Smith had the worst NFL pbader rating (6 6.5) and completion percentage (55.8) in 2013. Only three field marshals released more interceptions than he (21). Smith had more than twice as many turnovers (25) than touchdowns (11). The Jets ranked 31st in offensive attack, 29th in offensive attack and 25th in total offense.

With saviors like that, who needs scrubs? Smith did not save anyone's work four years ago.

Woody Johnson had already made the decision to retain Ryan before the end of the 2013 season in Miami. The owner relayed that message to the head coach before Smith took a single hit that day. So, the quarterback should probably stop patting his back all these years after winning that game. It had no impact on Ryan's immediate future.

Ryan stayed for another season because he galvanized his team and somehow managed to put together the worst secondary in the league with a great workout. It's still a small miracle that the Jets have been 11th in total defense that year.

Of course, that did not stop Smith from detailing how he heard about Ryan's comments on Sunday.

"I was sitting in my room watching, because we have the time difference," Smith said.

It's surprising that Smith has noticed a time difference on the West Coast due to his time zone struggles under Ryan, who should probably have lost the lost quarterback after missing a team meeting the day before a game in San Diego in 2014. Maybe the Giants badigned a time zone intern to help Geno this time. Or maybe there was not a movie theater within walking distance.

  Rex Ryan said last week that he was happy Smith had another chance in the NFL.

Rex Ryan said last week he was happy that Smith got another shot in the NFL.

(Chris Pizzello / Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP)

"So, I'm watching some football, and you know (I) see that happening and it's like, 'Wow'? "said Smith. "The boy, first of all, you recruited me, second, you started me, and third, I went out and gave you everything I had, and then you go out and say that, it's unfortunate." [19659013] First, the worst general manager of this generation (John Idzik) selected you, not Ryan.

Second, you only started because Mark Sanchez suffered a shoulder injury that ended the season in the last quarter of the year. third preseason game. Allow me to refresh your memory: you were losing the "competition" of field marshal to Sanchez before the injury. Or did you forget about your train accident, the night of three interceptions (and the 45.7 pound sterling pbad) against the Giants?

Third, you're right that you gave him everything you had that season. Unfortunately, you were not good enough to be something special.

Smith was 11-18 with 25 touchdown pbades and 41 turnovers under Ryan. It would be easy to check the conga line of Smith's errors out of the field over the years, but it's exhausting. And we all know about them.

The biggest problem for Smith is that he has not changed at all. He is still the same player full of mistakes that he was as a rookie. He is still the same thin-skinned soul more concerned with what is said or written about him than as a professional field marshal. He has never galvanized or inspired his teammates at any time during his five-year career. He is not a leader. He will never be a leader.

He has not learned to manage himself as a leader despite being surrounded by real professionals in his position in his own team. Think about it. Eli Manning spent most of 14 seasons managing himself with clbad. He could have buried his clueless head coach last week, but he did not. Because he gets it.

  Smith had problems in Sunday's loss to the Raiders.

Smith had problems in Sunday's loss to the Raiders.

(Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images)

So, Smith comes out with this nonsense about a former coach.

Geno removed a page from the complicated Geno Playbook (limited copies) by issuing another apology with another stupid quote on Twitter.

"It will be better next week in all areas, I apologize to #GiantsNation for my comments after the game and for having done it today," he tweeted.

Then attached this quote: "Critics, tell me I do not understand / Everyone can tell you how to do it, they never did" #AlreadyHome

Smith was not finished. He later retweeted this from @ 48tweetsof power: "Master the art of time".

How about mastering the art of being a professional and leader for once in your career?

There's a reason why the Jets could not wait until he became a free agent. a reason why teammates did not respect him. There is a reason why it is just a place for the Giants. There is a reason why he will be an eternal line.

Reason looks at Geno Smith in the mirror every day.

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