Geno Smith is not happy to lose the starting position of the Giants


The decisions of the New York Giants quarterback continue to disappoint someone.

Last week, Eli Manning had his work dismantled so the team could try Geno Smith. Manning was predictably thoughtful about the bank. After firing coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese this week, the team returned Manning his performance.

Now Smith is upset.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, the field marshal said he was not happy with the team's decision to send him back to the bank.

"Any competitor should not [happy] put himself in that situation where you have the opportunity to play, and then they are throwing you." Smith said, through the New York Post. "But it's not because you played badly, that's right, you're trying to figure out why, you have to understand that things happen in this business and you have to move on."

In his first start of the season on Sunday against the Raiders, Smith scored 21 of 34 pbades for 212 yards and a touchdown. He also lost twice in scoring position in the 24-17 loss. The performance, in general, was not very different from what we have seen in Manning this season.

"I have great respect for Geno Smith in the way he reacted," interim coach Steve Spagnuolo said. "He was a man, obviously he did not agree with the decision, but he is a team player."

The return to Manning has less to do with what Smith showed, and more about the Giants doing things right with his two-time Super Bowl MVP.

With Smith hitting the open market next season, the way he handles the tumultuous situation will surely interest the large number of teams in need of QB, whether he returns to the center this year or not.

"I will continue to be the same guy, I will continue to support my teammates and I will continue to be prepared," said Smith. "You never know what might happen."

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