Gender reveal device explodes, killing future father

A New York man died and his brother was injured Sunday when a small explosive device intended to be used as part of a gender reveal party malfunctioned and exploded.

In a statement, the New York State Police said they responded to reports of an explosion in Liberty, New York, and discovered that Christopher Pekny, 28, and his brother Michael Pekny, 27, had been building the device. at the time of the accident. .

Peter Pekny, Christopher and Michael’s older brother, told The Washington Post that Michael Pekny suffered a broken kneecap in the explosion but is expected to make a full recovery. Christopher Pekny was planning a gender reveal party to celebrate the birth of his first child, according to the Post.

“It’s been two nights in a row without being able to sleep, waiting, waiting to hear that this is all a crazy misunderstanding,” Peter Pekny told the newspaper. “But we all know that that is not the reality here.”

Gender reveal parties have been the source of chaos in recent years, with one blamed for the 2020 El Dorado fire in California that injured a dozen people, killed a firefighter and destroyed 10 buildings.

A man died at a gender reveal party he was attending as a guest earlier this month after a cannon intended to fire a shot into the air exploded, showering guests with shrapnel.


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